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    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    An ice maker repair is not always an easy fix. There are many things that can go wrong with your appliance and the repair process can be quite complex. We’re here to help with that problem and hopefully ease up the basics on getting your ice maker working again!

    What to Prepare

    There are a few key factors that you’ll need before beginning the repair process. You will need to have all of them on hand so that there is no down time during your repair. Be sure to gather up:

    • An ice maker repair kit
    • A bucket or large bowl
    • Tools for removing and reinstalling the ice maker
    • A dry towel or rag for cleaning up any spills

    How to Repair Your Ice Maker

    The simplified ice maker repair process can be broken down into three steps.

    • Identify the problem
    • Fixing or replacing faulty parts
    • Reinstalling your appliance back in place so you have a fully working ice machine again!

    Into the Nitty Gritty

    Going into detail, here’s what you can do for the most common issues with your ice maker repair.

    • If there is no water in the bucket, check to make sure that you have a good supply of water and it’s turned on.
    • Check for any leaks from where the line comes from or goes into the wall. You can tighten these up with some Teflon tape if they need help sealing again
    • A leaky solenoid valve will be the most common problem with your appliance and this happens when there isn’t enough pressure pushing against its rubber gasket seal. The solution here would be to replace just that part instead of buying an entirely new unit!
    • If your ice cubes come out looking like little rocks, there is a good chance that the mold inhibitor is not working. You can find this part on our repair kit and it’s usually very affordable to replace yourself
    • A broken ejector arm will cause similar problems as the solenoid valve with ice cubes coming out all wrong. This too can be replaced easily!

    With these five simple steps, you should have no problem fixing up any issues with your appliance whether it’s just an easy fix or something more complex! Now sit back and relax while we go ahead and get started for you…


    While these steps do not go into detail, the parts you will be replacing require little to no appliance repair knowledge and can easily be replaced by the average homeowner. Just remember to always use caution when working with electrical appliances like your ice maker!