Recipe: The Best BBQ Brisket You Will Ever Make

bbq brisket

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How to Cook the Best BBQ Brisket

Want to learn how to make the best BBQ brisket?

Just follow this simple recipe for a mouthwatering and sumptuous best BBQ brisket.


  • One Certified Angus Beef Brisket (10-12lbs) You can get smaller ones and we can cut them down to size for you
  • Meat House Cattleman Ranch Seasoning
  • Bills Best Organic BBQ Sauce
  • Allagash Black Stout 22oz
  • Smoking Wood Chips of your choice.(We recommend Mesquite or Hickory)


Take the Brisket out of the packaging and place on a cookie sheet.

Generously rub the brisket with Meat House Cattleman Ranch Seasoning.

Cover with tin foil.

You can leave it out of the fridge for about an hour before cooking or you can store it in the fridge overnight.

*Now depending on what you’re working with you can do this one of two ways.  It is important to pay attention to the directions below because there are subtle cooking differences that are important!

On the Smoker:

Get the smoker to about 275-300 degrees. Place the Seasoned brisket fat side down and smoke for 3 hours.

After 3 hours flip the brisket so the fat side is up.

In a small bowl combine one bottle of Bill’s Best Organic BBQ Sauce and a third of the Allagash Black Stout. Mix the BBQ Sauce and Beer Well.

Generously apply the BBQ Sauce mixture to the fat side of the brisket as needed and continue to smoke for 3 hours.

After 6 Hours of smoking take off the grill.

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On the Grill:

Turn on only one burner on your grill. Either your back burner or one side burner depending on your grill.(Grill should be hqdefaultbetween 275-300 degrees)

You want to grill the brisket over indirect heat. Place the brisket on the grill, Fat side up, where the burners are not lit.

Place the pre-soaked wood chips on direct heat using either a wood box or homemade woodbox with tin foil. (With heavy-duty aluminum foil make a boat like structure and put the pre-soaked wood chips in that.)

Refill the wood chips as needed throughout the cooking process.

Grill the brisket for 3 hours

In a small bowl combine Bill’s Best Organic BBQ Sauce and a third of the Allagash Black stout. After 3 hours start applying the BBQ Sauce mixture

generously over the next 3 hours of cooking.

Cook for a total of 6 hours.

By the time you’re done cooking low and slow, you will have a brisket that will be fork tender- the marker of excellent BBQ.  Slice and Serve with Meat House Coleslaw and Jersey Corn on the Cob!

This beauty of this recipe is that it also makes great BBQ brisket sandwiches- just pile some on our fresh made Kaiser rolls and you’re ready to serve!

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