Meat the Butcher – Swordfish

Swordfish, or as we like to call it, “the steak of the sea”, was made for grilling. Even non-fish eaters will gladly eat a swordfish steak. While most fish are flaky and fall apart on the grill, the swordfish has a hearty texture that makes it grill-worthy.

For the more adventurous diners, you can try making swordfish-kabobs with your favorite marinade and seasonal veggies.

Raw Swordfish

Fun fact: The East Coast swordfish tends to be a little rosier than Pacific sword. Can you guess why? It’s their diet, which is mainly other fish plus a little squid.


The swordfish cut is simple and straightforward. The steaks are pulled from the upper part of the back meat. This will produce the largest cuts of steak and is the juiciest part of the fish. At The Meat House, we source long line caught swordfish (and tuna) to assure the fish are as tender as possible. Nothing worse than a tough steak, right?

Swordfish Meat Map


A grilled swordfish should be simple. A little olive oil, lemon, salt, and herbs are enough to dress up a good sword and be ready to throw on the grill.

  • Cook swordfish like you would a rare steak: Use high heat to sear the outside, and let it stay a little rare in the middle.
  • Make sure to leave the skin on when you grill, but take it off to serve –the skin is rubbery but will keep the meat moist when cooking.
  • Cook approximately 5 minutes on one side. Flip, then cook 2-3 minutes (for an inch-thick steak) this uneven cook time is what allows for the center of the steak not overcook.
  • If grilling kabobs, precut swordfish into one-inch cubes, assemble kabobs and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side. At Meat House stores that carry swordfish, you can even ask the butcher to make a kabob for you!

While grilling is by far the most popular way to cook swordfish, it’s not the only way. Because of the texture, it’s excellent for chowders and stews because the fish won’t dissolve.


The swordfish is a wonderful fish to eat and serve. It’s moist and flavorful, with a slightly sweet taste. The firm and meaty texture allow the fish to be particularly rich and juicy.

Cooked Swordfish

So you see there are many ways to enjoy the “other” steak option. Plus, how cool does “I’m making sword steak tonight”, sound? We know what you’re grilling for dinner this weekend!

*Please note, not all Meat House locations carry swordfish. Please ask your butcher for availability.