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    Last Updated on October 28, 2021

    Last Updated on October 28, 2021

    A backyard grill station is an excellent way to add comfort to your life. Many people like to spend time outside relaxing, eating, and enjoying the sun during the summer season

    With just a few changes, you can turn a backyard grill station into a little oasis for your family. Grill stations can be simple, with just a counter, a fridge, and a sink accompanying the grill to maximize functionality. Alternatively, they can also be spacious and sophisticated, offering the perfect setting for summer dinner parties. 

    These are our 15 favorite backyard grill station builds and ideas from around the web. 

    Outdoor Kitchen With Wood Floors

    This grill station with wooden floors and furniture is spacious and has a beautiful design. The grill station is on the right, and there’s a small table in the center, allowing for enough space near the grill. The wooden pergola above the grill is perfectly placed to cast shade over the grill and table area. 

    In the back, above ground level, there are some couches and pillows for relaxing. Some simple additions, such as the blue rug with a matching patio umbrella, give the setting a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The whole grill station blends well with the natural surroundings and feels very open, with plenty of space to enjoy the fresh air. 

    This could be a beautiful design for all kinds of people, but it especially suits young couples, students, or families with children.

    Small Outdoor Cabinet For Grill

    Many people have limited space in their backyards or patios. Luckily, a grilling station doesn’t have to be very big. It can be as simple as this tiny cabinet to accompany a charcoal grill or smoker. 

    This grilling station proves how a simple idea can give a beautiful touch to your outdoor grilling area. It’s made out of wood and metal, so if you have some DIY skills, you could build it yourself. The wheels allow you to move the cabinet around the porch easily. This is especially important in a small outdoor space. Add pegs to hold your grilling utensils and mitts. 

    Wooden Outdoor Station For Smoker

    Something great about modern smokers is they don’t occupy a lot of space. This is a beautiful wooden station for a smoker. It’s something you could build on your own, as the design is simple and primarily made of wood. This is an excellent option for small outdoor patios, terraces, or backyards

    The station even has open drawers for wood chips. Instead of keeping your wood chips in the original packages, you can neatly place them in the station’s drawers to save space. The drawers have names for each kind of wood chip, which is a unique and helpful feature. Build a small porch or cover to protect the wood and the smoker from the elements. 

    Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

    This is a mid-sized elegant outdoor kitchen with a gas grill. It has two counters on each side, with space below for storing silverware, tableware, and other kitchen items. There are two rows of bricks cleverly placed on either side of the grill to protect the wood cabinets, and the countertops are made of sleek marble

    This design works great for outdoor gardens with a lot of space and grass since the kitchen’s natural wood blends well with the surroundings. It’s also a small enough grill station that it could fit nicely on a smaller rooftop or patio. The small lights on top are a great way of adding a bit of atmosphere to your outdoor grilling area, especially for summer parties or gatherings

    Spacious Outdoor Kitchen For Colder Climates

    This is an elegant and comfortable outdoor kitchen with a gas grill and a fire pit. Something like this would be excellent for grilling year-round in northern states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota, where grill masters have to deal with colder temperatures

    The grill station has a beautiful wooden porch to protect from the rain during a cookout and wrought iron chairs and tables that are durable and useful for outdoor patios. Two comfortable chairs sit by the fire pit and grill for cozy conversation. There’s a space for storing wood logs right by the grill and a fan for the summer months hanging from the ceiling. 

    This is an excellent country-style outdoor kitchen with plenty of space for people to grill, relax and walk in and out as the food is being prepared. Open outdoor kitchens like this one are great for large parties and families, where people can easily access the grilling station. 

    Elegant Stone Outdoor Kitchen

    This is a beautiful stone outdoor kitchen with a gas grill reminiscent of an English garden. The stone walls protect the grilling area in a chic way, with a small bar to serve drinks and food. There are small colorful flower pots all around the kitchen that add a beautiful and fragrant element. Wrought iron chairs are great for outdoor kitchens since they are durable and weather resistant

    This design works well next to an outdoor pool area. You can grill behind the bar and serve burgers and hotdogs while people relax by the pool. Adding some fairy lights above the bar area enhances the dreamy atmosphere for late-night summer parties.  

    Tin Roof Grilling Station

    This compact grilling station is well-organized and functional. The corrugated tin accents lend a country feel without making it too rustic. Its bright wood paneling gives it a light and airy aesthetic. There is ample counter space for preparing your steaks and side dishes and a convenient shelf to place spices and condiments

    The design allows for separation between seated guests and the person in charge of the grill. Guests can sit back and visit with their host as the food is prepared, while the host can be part of the party even as they focus on their grilling duties

    This station is ideal for big outdoor parties and cookouts, where people can come up to the grilling area, get their food and find a place to sit around the garden. The tin room grilling station is a win-win for everyone. 

    Tableside Service Grilling Area

    This grilling space is ideal for family dinners and intimate outdoor parties. You can chat with your friends and family as you operate the grill, and they get to watch you cook. The bartop design allows you to serve guests easily, so you don’t have to worry about transporting a platter of chicken wings and ribs to another location.  

    The large tan umbrellas offer protection from the sun, making this a perfect midday or evening spot, while the canvas chairs provide comfort for guests as they visit during your gathering. The location of this grilling service area in relation to the house is also convenient, providing a direct route to the kitchen inside when replenishments are needed. 

    Light And Breezy Dinner Area

    This beautiful outdoor grilling area is light and breezy. The tent-like roof is tall and gives this space a grand, elegant vibe, while the white curtains keep things bright and clean. Keep the curtains open to allow the breeze to come through, or pull the curtains closed for a more private gathering. 

    The cream-colored chairs and rug add to this dining space’s dreamy aesthetic, while the small trees surrounding the enclosure bring a calming, natural vibe. A loveseat allows couples to sit together, while the two chairs offer more separate seating. You can tend to the food on the grill and relax with your guests in your downtime. 

    Convenient Rock Grilling Station with Ice Box

    A convenient rock grilling station with a built-in ice chest is a festive statement piece for your backyard. The nonuniform rocks that make up this station create a texturally interesting aesthetic, and the steel storage and grill unit offset the ruggedness of the rocks beautifully. With ample counter space and room for meat and veggies on the grill, this set-up allows you to serve up exciting food ideas at your party efficiently. 

    The built-in ice chest is the perfect party accessory, allowing your guests to keep their drinks outside instead of trying to cram them in your kitchen fridge. You can easily store extra drinks below in the steel cabinets, meaning you and your guests can stay outside and enjoy each other’s company all night long. 

    Cozy Grill Station With Fireplace

    This small station is cozy and protects you from the rain. It’s perfect for late-night dinners, with a fireplace close to the grill that can keep you and your guests warm. The kitchen has a marble countertop with a built-in gas grill.  The marble countertop’s light and natural colors match the stones on the fireplace for a cohesive color palette.  

    The outdoor kitchen has a well-built wooden porch, providing shade in summer and protection from the rain. It’s a perfect outdoor grilling station for homes in colder climates. There are a couple of stools conveniently placed for people to sit by the fire and rest while the host prepares food.

    Small Grill Gazebo

    This small gazebo is an excellent way to give your outdoor grill a fun and beautiful surrounding. It’s built right against the side of the house, and the materials are affordable. This design goes with any kind of grill or smoker and is ideal for gardens or patios of all sizes. A few lights on the roof help create a whimsical atmosphere for dinner parties and cookouts. 

    This is a very open cooking station, great for very hot weather and long cookouts under the sun. The open design allows some airflow, and the roof provides shade. It’s an excellent idea for young people who can’t afford an expensive outdoor station, and it allows free movement around the grill. 

    Smoker and Fire Pit Outdoor Station

    This is an elegant and sophisticated outdoor kitchen. It has a built-in smoker and a fire pit with a chimney. There’s plenty of countertop space for preparing meals and seasoning meats, and below the countertop, there’s plenty of room for wood longs and tableware. This is a very practical design with a lot of open space around it. 

    The station’s contrasting dark and light colors accent one another well and complement the wood logs down below. There’s also plenty of space in front of the kitchen station, allowing you to place a table and chairs for outdoor dining. The dark tiles on the floor provide an elegant finish to tie the entire modern grill station together

    Elegant City Outdoor Patio With Grill

    Many people love their grill but don’t have a lot of space on their terraces or outdoor patios. This is a great example of how you can make good use of space and create an excellent outdoor grilling station. The grill rests against a brick wall, and there’s an elegant wood and wrought iron table right in front of it. 

    Long benches are a great way to accommodate many people in a tight space, and they provide a very homely, intimate feeling. The climbing plant on the house and nearby trees gives the area a cozy and naturalistic atmosphere. 

     Outdoor Kitchen With Grill And Pizza Oven

    This stunning, contemporary outdoor kitchen area is perfect for households that enjoy hosting large summer gatherings with plenty of hot food options. A modern blue-gray countertop also serves as storage space for kindling to fuel the wood-fire pizza oven, which is the most impressive feature of the grill station. 

    The kitchen layout is highly functional, allowing the host to move between the pizza oven and grill with ease while accessing the sink with equal convenience while operating either appliance. There is sufficient counter space for meal prep, making it possible to prepare elaborate meals entirely outdoors.

    Small touches like the tiny plant pots add character to the outdoor grill station, while a charming old-world brick patio contrasts the kitchen’s modern appearance. This outdoor grill station has everything you need to impress your guests.  

    Design Your Own Backyard Grill Station

    A backyard grill station is an excellent addition to your backyard or patio. There are many sizes and styles of home grill stations to consider when deciding how to design and decorate yours. 

    Your allotted entertaining space, budget, and materials will determine the approach you take to your grill station build. Whether it is simply a rolling cart for a patio or a full kitchen near the pool, a backyard grill station can enhance your grilling experience by adding a grilling oasis to your home.

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