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    Last Updated on October 29, 2021

    Last Updated on October 29, 2021

    Kamado grills have excellent heat retention capacities and produce food with an exquisite smoky and earthy flavor. They’re versatile and durable, helping your meat and vegetables remain moist and juicy throughout the cooking process.

    However, the unique shape of these grills means you might find it challenging to figure out where to put them on your porch or patio. One of the most effective and attractive-looking solutions to this problem is to build your own budget-friendly Kamado grill table. These units hold the ovoid ceramic charcoal grill so that it rests several feet above the ground. 

    9 Awesome DIY Kamado Grill Table Designs 

    Classic cedarwood Kamado grill table 

    If you want to create something with a rustic and traditional aesthetic, you can take inspiration from a design using weather-resistant rough-cut cedarwood. Add gorgeous powder coated corner accents to create an organic-looking and refined unit. 

    You shouldn’t have much trouble cutting out the circle for your Kamado grill. Just drill a nail lightly into the wooden surface, measure a piece of string so that it’s slightly longer than the radius of your Kamado, then attach a pencil to the end of the line. 

    Tie the other end to the nail, pull the string taut, then draw the right-sized circle on the cedarwood. Then use a jigsaw or hole saw to cut along this line and produce the perfect ring for your prized grill to fit through.

    Cypress Kamado table

    Consider using cypress wood to make a DIY budget-friendly Kamado grill table for your patio or backyard. This type of wood is generally pretty resistant to water and rot, but you should apply a deck sealant to the cedar after you’ve finished the construction process. This sealer will provide a protective coating that prevents future rotting or unwanted microbial growth inside the wood itself. 

    You can attach a metal railing to the side of this wood unit. It’s an excellent feature if you’re looking for somewhere to hang towels or heatproof grill gloves while you’re cooking food on the Kamado. 

    Narrow hardwood table for Kamado grill 

    This design is relatively simple to follow, and you’ll create a result that’s durable and ergonomic, with a pleasing and attractive rustic aesthetic. Try not to use polyurethane varnish to coat this wood because that type of finish tends to absorb water quickly and will crack or break down over a relatively short period. Look for a clear varnish that’s specifically for outdoor use, like decking oil or a wax-based fence treatment. 

    Reclaimed wood Kamado grill table

    If you’ve got a spare picnic table or an old bench that’s lying around in your backyard, you can use some of that wood to build your Kamado grill table. Try applying matte spray paint to the hardware accents to create a rust preventative and mark-resistant final product. 

    When you use matte spray paint, remember to hold the nozzle of the can around 10” away from the grill table surface at all times, and wipe the tip with a cloth after use to prevent any clogging. 

    This design includes built-in hooks that can hold your grill tongs, apron, and spatulas while you cook patties and corn in the Kamado. 

    Large backyard Kamado table with extra features 

    People who want to build a corner table unit that holds your Kamado grill while also providing plenty of countertop space for food prep should consider a larger Kamado table with unique features

    This large unit includes an integrated cupboard for storage and some metal handles for holding tongs and spatulas. You could cut out a square of sheet metal and nail it down over the top of this cabinet to protect whatever it is you’re storing in the cupboard from getting wet and soggy when it rains. Try to use pressure-treated wood to construct the frame of the corner unit. 

    Portable Kamado table 

    If you want a portable grill table, you’ll love a design with integrated casters and compact construction that allows you to move the unit around with relative ease. This model has a built-in tiled circle that lends the whole table a charming French country-style aesthetic

    You can use a semi-transparent wood varnish to give the unit a balmy, warm tone that helps to create a cozy and comforting ambiance whenever you have friends and family over to your home for a barbecue.

    Storage cabinet Kamado grill table 

    When constructing a Kamado table that doubles as outdoor kitchen space, choose a design with a storage cabinet for your charcoal, outdoor crockery, and grill tools. You can use high-quality cedarwood and 4 heavy-duty casters to make a compact, ergonomic model that’s durable and portable. 

    The design places the Kamado grill at the center of the table, allowing your prized barbecue to shine as the colorful and aesthetically pleasing focal point of the whole unit. The 2 storage cabinets on either side of the main grill are deep and wide, so you’ll find it easy to store board games, outdoor tablecloths, or bags of wood lump charcoal inside the table whenever you need to. 

    Mini Kamado grill table 

    If you like the idea of making your own grill table, but you don’t want to build something that takes up too much space on your patio, a mini grill table design is ideal. This particular plan encourages you to take a premade, portable kitchen trolley and cut a circle into the unit’s top to repurpose it as a mini Kamado grill table. 

    You might want to treat the trolley with a transparent or semi-transparent varnish so that it has the same, consistent tone all over. You can also attach a set of metal hooks to the front of the unit, giving you a handy place to store your grill tongs or heat-resistant gloves. 

    Concrete top Kamado grill table 

    If you’re searching for something with more of an industrial or contemporary aesthetic, consider incorporating concrete.  This style uses a melamine mold, some caulk, and wet cement to create a smooth concrete countertop. 

    Make an Impression in Your Backyard With a DIY Kamado Grill Table 

    One excellent way to create a show-stopping centerpiece on your porch or in your backyard is to build your own Kamado grill table. Complete with a glossy, varnished hardwood construction and some innovative integrated features, your friends and family will be impressed with your handiwork. 

    The best part is that you’ll do it all on a budget that doesn’t break the bank, so you can put that money back into hosting epic barbecues.