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    Last Updated on October 29, 2021

    Last Updated on October 29, 2021

    During the summertime, outdoor cookouts can turn into everyday occasions, which means grills and other BBQ equipment are constantly on the go. With this in mind, take extra care of your Kamado grill throughout the summer to ensure it is ready when you need it. 

    For your Kamado Grill to work effectively for a sustained period, you’ll need to ensure you implement proper cleaning and maintenance methods. Here is everything you need to know to keep your best Kamado grill in working order, ensuring you serve outstanding BBQs all summer long. 

    What is a Kamado Grill?

    Kamado grills originate from Japan, borrowing their name from the term used to describe the traditional Japanese charcoal or wood-fueled cooking device. Traditional models were made from ceramic materials such as clay and molded into a shape that resembles a large urn.

    Fast forward to modern-day Kamado grills, and they are made from refractory ceramic material. This makes sure they have high-quality heat retention as well as extreme durability. They also come in different sizes to accommodate different cooking types; however, the cleaning methods remain the same.

    The Kamado grill takes the beloved BBQ to the next level. Not only does it allow you to serve up sweet and smoky BBQ goodness, but you can also bake pies, pizzas, and bread, as well as steaming and slow-cooking foods. The versatility of the Kamado grill is what makes it so unique.

    How to Clean Your Kamado Grill

    For your Kamado Grill to work efficiently, it needs regular cleaning. It’s recommended you give the grill a thorough clean every 3-5 uses. This ensures your grill produces the best tasting food possible, alongside ensuring optimum hygiene.

    Clean the Ash

    After every grill use, there will be a buildup of ash and spent charcoal gathered at the bottom of the chamber. Remove the ash and charcoal after every use; otherwise, it can compromise the function of your Kamado grill.

    • Before removing the ash, allow your grill to cool down completely by shutting the lid. This will suffocate any remaining oxygen and prevent the ash or leftover charcoal from reigniting. 
    • After cooling, open the lid and stir any remaining coals at the bottom of the chamber with a rod. This will encourage any residual ash to fall through the holes at the bottom of the chamber, collecting into the ashtray
    • The majority of ashtrays in Kamado grills are located at the foot of the chamber, at the rear of the lower draft door.
    • To catch any remaining ash, place a metal bucket beneath the grill and remove the ashtray by opening the draft door.
    • Dispose of the cool ash, and then place the ashtray back inside your grill.

    Clean the Interior of Your Kamado Grill

    The interior of a Kamado grill works like a self-cleaning oven. It’s essential to follow these steps regularly to maintain health and safety standards and ensure your food is cooked to perfection.

    • Start by heating the grill to +600°F for 30 minutes. Then allow the grill to cool off completely. This burns off any residual food debris. 
    • Remove the inside components of your Kamado grill.
    • Brush the interior with a bristle brush.
    • Scrape off and remove the grease and residue that settles at the bottom of the grill. Use a soapy solution and wipe the inside of the grill. Note that the interior of your grill will never have the highly polished finish that it had when you first got the unit. Operating the grill builds up a layer that protects the inside from corrosion.
    • Dry thoroughly before reinserting the internal components.

    Clean the Exterior of your Kamado Grill

    The exterior of your Kamado grill can become dirty very easily. Whether it’s the summer elements or a coat of dust from spending the winter stored away, it’s important you keep its exterior clean, too. 

    • Using a mild detergent and water solution or a simple glass cleaner, use a clean cloth to wipe your grill’s exterior surface. 
    • This will remove any dirt, grime, and grease that has solidified itself to the outer hardware and ceramics.
    • To remove rust, use a steel wool pad, rinse, dry thoroughly, and apply a protective coat of oil.

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    How to Maintain Your Kamado Grill

    As well as keeping on top of cleaning your Kamado Grill, it’s also essential not to neglect its maintenance. Ensuring you take the steps needed for good maintenance, you’ll notice the performance of your grill is sustained. This means there will be less repairs needed, which will save you money in the long run.

    Maintain the Tightness of the Grill Band

    The band is what holds the lid and the base of the grill together. Ensuring you regularly check the tension maintains the optimum grill function. If you notice the band is a little loose, tighten the nuts accordingly, being sure to not overtighten them, as the band could snap.

    Replace the Gaskets

    As your Kamado grill gets older and is used frequently, the gasket material can degrade. The gaskets are where the base meets the dome of the grill. 

    Replacing the gaskets when needed will save you money, as repairs and grill replacements can be expensive. It’s recommended you change them every 2-3 years, with replacement frequency increasing if you cook often.

    You can easily replace the gaskets yourself; simply source a replacement kit and follow the instructions accordingly. 

    Invest in Storage Covers

    With BBQs being predominantly a summer appliance, chances are your Kamado grill will spend the extended winter period in storage. Even though your grill will be locked away and sheltered, it can still become damaged, rusty, and decrease in its functionality. 

    Investing in a cover protects your Kamado grill from the elements and ensures it is still working after extended periods of inactivity. It is recommended you invest in both indoor and outdoor storage covers for optimum protection.

    Prolong the Life of Your Kamado Grill

    If you want to get the most out of your Kamado grill and prolong its life, implement these cleaning and maintenance methods.

    From making sure the food you serve is safe and delicious to eat to protecting it even when it’s not in use, you will enjoy barbecuing on your Kamado grill for many summers to come.