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    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    A beef jerky dehydrator is a great way to make beef jerky at home! It’s so easy and you’ll be done in no time. Trust me, homemade beef jerky tastes better than store-bought and it’s healthier too! Let’s get started on how to make beef jerky with a dehydrator.

    What is a Dehydrator?

    dried beef slices in spices with sesame seeds

    A beef jerky dehydrator is a machine that removes moisture from food. It dries out your beef jerky, making it last longer – whether you’re just storing it or taking it on the go with you! A dehydrator uses heat and air flow to get rid of all excess liquid without cooking your beef jerky. Beef Jerky dehydrators are a healthy way to enjoy beef jerky at home!

    How Do You Make Beef Jerky with a Dehydrator?

    You can make beef jerky with a beef jerky dehydrator in three simple steps:

    1. Prep your beef by slicing it into long, thin pieces. If you’re using lean meat, you don’t need to trim it – but you can if you want.
    2. Put your beef jerky in the dehydrator and set a timer for about six hours, or until it’s dry enough.
    3. Store beef jerky wrapped up tight in an airtight container! You’ll never go back to store bought beef jerky after trying homemade beef jerky with a dehydrator!

    How Long Does Homemade Beef Jerky Last?

    Homemade beef jerky will last as long as any other food stored at room temperature: anywhere from three days to two weeks depending on what ingredients were used and how tightly it is sealed. If you’re planning on storing beef jerky before eating so that it lasts longer than average, keep some beef jerky in the freezer and keep beef beef beef jerky beef around for a few weeks.

    What Ingredients Should You Put In Homemade Beef Jerky?

    Since you’re making homemade beef jerky with a dehydrator, it’s up to you! Try out different recipes like: spicy beef jerky, garlic pepper beef jerk or teriyaki style beef jerky. The possibilities are endless when using your own dehydrated meat recipe – just make sure that you follow food safety guidelines as well as mixing spices into ground or minced meats before drying them if necessary.

    Why is Dehydrating Food Good For You?

    Dehydrate foods at home and enjoy healthier snacks throughout the week without all of those additives found in store beef jerky beef beef beef beef beef. Plus, dehydrated food is a good way to preserve your food for long periods of time without worrying about it going bad or losing nutrients!


    Making homemade beef jerky is a very simple process that anyone can do with beef jerky dehydrators. If you’ve never made homemade beef jerky before, try making beef jerky this weekend! You will love it and won’t ever go back to buying store-bought again.