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    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Microwave ovens are a staple in most kitchens, and burnt food is a common occurrence. If you have burnt something in your microwave and it has left an unpleasant burnt smell, there are some steps that will help get rid of the burnt odor. Follow these five tips to clean up your microwave!

    Identifying What Got Burnt

    The first step in cleaning out burnt smell from the microwave is to identify what got burnt. Only certain items will leave a lasting burnt odor, including popcorn kernels and dried on food like soup or spaghetti sauce. Some foods may only slightly impact the overall aroma of the microwave, such as rice or pasta that was not completely cooked before being nuked.

    The different ways to removing burnt odor from the microwave:

    Cleaning the microwave oven

    Vinegar Solution

    • Fill a microwave safe bowl with water and add one cup of vinegar.
    • Microwave on high for five minutes, allowing the solution to absorb burnt smells from inside the oven.
    • Wipe out any residue that remains after you remove your burnt smelling vinegar solution.

    Citrus Solution

    • Squeeze the juice from one lemon and sprinkle it generously around burnt areas in your microwave.
    • Allow the fresh lemony smell to absorb into any burnt smells lingering inside of your appliance before wiping clean with a rag or paper towel.

    Baking Soda Solution

    • Fill a bowl halfway with water, then add two to three tablespoons of baking soda.
    • Microwave on high for five minutes, allowing the solution to absorb burnt smells from inside the oven.
    • Wipe out any residue that remains after you remove your burnt smelling vinegar solution.

    Vacuum Cleaner with Dryer Sheet Attachment

    • To help freshen up the microwave and eliminate lingering burnt smell, use a vacuum cleaner with dryer sheet attachment to suck away burnt odor where it is most concentrated in your appliance’s crevices or corners. You can also try this method by placing two drops of lavender oil onto a dryer sheet then using an iron set on low heat to run over top of the sheet until it evaporates into the surface area of the microwave interior walls.

    Take Care Of Food Before Cooking It In The Oven

    If burnt food is allowed to accumulate inside your microwave’s cavity, those burnt particles will start absorbing and emitting burnt smell as soon as you turn your appliance on. To prevent small bits from becoming big problems in the future: make sure to take care of any large pieces that burn before cooking smaller items; scrape off excess food after microwaving; remove all dishes once heated through completely; and never put plastic or paper items in the microwave.

    Take Care Of Your Microwave Oven For Long Term Maintenance

    • Keep your oven free from burnt food particles and burnt smells by cleaning it at least once a month with either vinegar solution, lemon juice mixture, baking soda solution (mentioned above), dryer sheet and iron method (also mentioned above) or just hot water and dish soap to rinse away any leftover residue after each use.
    • To help keep odors at bay between cleanings: spray interior surface of microwave with cooking oil before heating up foods; wipe out excess grease as soon as you remove your plate/bowl/dish using two tablespoons salt mixed into one cup lemon juice for scrubbing power; place a small bowl of white or apple cider vinegar on top of microwave to keep burnt smells from forming; place a slice of lemon in the bottom right corner of your oven where it meets the interior wall, as this is also said to absorb burnt odors.

    When dealing with burnt smells coming out microwaves , always wipe down surfaces after use and make sure to take care of burnt pieces immediately . Also be sure not to overheat plastic bags, paper towels or any other flammable items inside your appliance’s cavity for long periods at a time. If you find that these steps do not work, call an appliance repairman for further assistance who can clean out all crevices and remove both lingering burnt particles and bad smelling chemicals emitted by burned food residue left behind.