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    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Your Ice Maker does not work anymore, what now? Ice Makers like other appliances can cease to work after some time. Maybe ice cubes are not being produced anymore, or ice is still melting. Whichever the case, ice makers stop working for various reasons, but it is possible to fix the ice maker.

    Most Common Fixes for Your Ice Maker

    How to Fix an Ice Maker that is Not Working

    If you’ve verified that it indeed isn’t working, check the ice maker to make sure it isn’t unplugged. Next, check all electrical connections between your ice machine and its power source for any loose wires or broken plugs as well as checking the ice tray for ice build up by using a screwdriver or other object to scrape ice out of the way so water will flow freely through the ice maker. If you’re still having an issue with your appliance then call a service technician that specializes in repairing appliances like this one.

    Should I Repair or Replace?

    Repairing an ice maker can be a lot of work and sometimes not worth the time or effort. If the ice maker is older than five years old, it’s probably a good idea to replace the ice machine with a new one since parts can be hard to find for some models.

    Cost-wise, ice maker repairs can cost anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the model and ice machine repair technician’s rates. If it is more than five years old, ice machine parts may not be available in stores anymore since appliance manufacturers tend to phase out older models after a few years making replacement part costs vary between $100-$500+.

    Other Options

    If you don’t want to replace your ice maker or pay too much for an ice machine repair then there are some other options such as getting a new ice tray for under $20 or using bagged ice cubes instead of having your own ice dispenser – just keep in mind that these alternatives will result in greater electricity use since they won’t work with most automatic shut off features and ice cubes will be wet.

    Be sure to leave the ice tray empty, then fill it with water and let the ice maker dispense ice as desired. If this works for you then that’s great!


    Ice Makers like any other appliance can stop working properly from time to time. If yours has stopped working and none of the ice maker repair steps work, you can try some other ice machine fixes before assuming it’s broken. If it comes to it, you may want to consider ice maker replacement or ice tray ice cubes as a cheaper alternative.