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    Last Updated on April 26, 2021

    Last Updated on April 26, 2021

    Grill gazebos are stylish and innovative structures that protect your prized grill and house a cozy, comfortable outdoor seating area for your friends and family. Unfortunately, it can cost a lot of money to buy these models online. 

    However, there are many ways you can build your own grill gazebo in the backyard for a fraction of the price of a store-bought structure. You also have more scope to personalize your gazebo when you’re building it yourself, creating a model that best fits the aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

    Consider these 15 fun and effective grill gazebo plans that will inspire you to set about making your own unique outdoor space

    The 15 Best DIY Grill Gazebo Plans 

    You can adopt plenty of different methods for making your own grill gazebo that keeps you dry and offers sun protection. Here are 15 of the best ones to get you started. 

    8’ x 8’ DIY Grill Gazebo Design 

    You should be able to find the materials needed to construct this grill shelter pretty easily from your local hardware store. You’ll need 16 pieces of 4” x 4” lumber, 4 of which should be 7’ long, 4 of which should be 8’ long, and the last 4 of which should be 2’ long. These pieces will make up the main frame of your gazebo, with the 7’ long sections acting as the posts, the 2’ long bits serving as the unit’s braces, and the 8’ long parts fitting across the top of the posts to create top plates. 

    You’ll also need some plywood pieces, 4 pieces of 1” x 6” lumber, and 110 ft² of suitable weatherproof material to build the gazebo’s roof. The result looks stylish and rustic, with its hardwood construction and symmetrical structure. 

    Small DIY Backyard Grill Shelter 

    This is a pretty simple design, and you can follow the steps to create a final result that’s functional and rustic-looking. First, you’ll need to build 3 very basic truss structures that will be your roof’s main horizontal components. The diagonal sections of these truss pieces will also serve as your gazebo’s rafters. Use shorter lumber pieces to build a solid ridge board and several supportive purlins at right angles to these rafters. Cover the roof with a low-profile material like 5v crimp

    Hip Roof Grill Gazebo Structure 

    This hip roof grill gazebo will lend a stylish and traditional look to any backyard area, with its integrated railings and spacious design. You’ll need 17 total pieces of 6” x 6” lumber. 4 of these pieces will be 8’ long, 5 will be 12’ long, while the remaining 8 will be 3’ long. You’ll also need to invest in 4 durable anchor posts to ensure that your structure is stable and durable. 

    Set up the structure so the sides of the square gazebo are 12’ long from the outside of one post to the outside of another. Don’t forget to drill support braces across the corners where the posts intersect with the braces. 

    You’ll need to invest in 4 pieces of 128” long 2” by 6” lumber wood for the hip roof. These are your main hip rafters. Fit 4 common rafters so that they’re each running at 90° to their respective plates, then attach the hip rafters at a diagonal across the roof. You can then use the jack rafters to fill in and secure the rest of the roof. 

    Slanted Grill Shelter 

    You’ll find this slant roof design has a functional and straightforward look that complements any modern or contemporary-style backyard. Invest in 4 pieces of 2” x 6” lumber wood to create your gazebo’s platform. Opt for an 8’ x 6’ rectangular base to give yourself plenty of room for storing your barbecue and a couple of deckchairs under the roof. 

    Once you’ve built the base, buy 4 pieces of strong 4” x 4” hardwood, then use these parts as sturdy corner posts for your unit. Cut the front 2 pieces at a 15° angle, so they’re just under 8’ tall, then position your 2” x 6” so that its end is flush with the top of the front post. This rafter will come down at an angle, and you can use this to judge how tall the back post needs to be. Once you’ve sorted out the corner posts and the rafters, screw in 3 supporting purlins to bolster the entire structure. 

    A Wooden Pergola 

    A well-built pergola looks chic and fashionable, and it provides your outdoor seating area and grill with ample shade, keeping your guests cool and comfortable on hot summer days. You can build this structure so that it’s freestanding, but it’s also pretty easy and cost-effective to attach this piece of furniture to the outside wall of your house. 

    Your finished pergola should have an exposed, lattice-type structure, with sturdy corner posts, durable rafters, and strong, supportive cross beams. If you want to strengthen the overall aesthetic, add some wisteria, common ivy, or honeysuckle that can grow up and around the beams. You could also hang some attractive lights across the roof’s rafters to create a cozy ambiance whenever you have friends over. 

    Octagonal Traditional-Style Gazebo 

    This design is more involved than most of the other plans on the list, but if you’re confident with building larger wooden and concrete structures, you’ll create a final result that’s as architecturally striking as it is durable. 

    You’ll have to construct your octagonal slab base to start. If you’re doing this section on your own, try to make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible. You want each of the 8 exterior sides to be equal in length. Use some steel strap anchors to bolt each lumber post into place around the gazebo’s base, then add the top plates, the balusters, and the upper and lower braces to the unit. 

    You can use 4 strong rafters to make up your roof’s foundation before adding the ornamental and supportive center hub to the middle of this section. Attach decking and weatherproof felt to the roof’s lattice-type structure. Paint the whole gazebo to give it a nostalgic, charming look.  

    Industrial-Style Grill Shed 

    This fun and trendy design has a contemporary and industrial-style look, with its corrugated metal accents and matte paint finish. You can incorporate some attractive windows into the sides of your bar to lend the structure a touch of decorative, traditional character. 

    Use a couple of 2” x 6” lumber pieces to create the shed’s bar counter and opt for 12’ x 2’ metal roof panels. These longer sections provide ample shade for you and your friends when it starts raining on barbecue night. 

    House-style Gazebo 

    If you want to design and build a unit that looks like a miniature house, you can take some inspiration from attractive house-style gazebo models. Remember to dig holes for your corner posts before you construct the actual gazebo. This process strengthens the overall stability of your structure. Use 4” x 4” lumber pieces for constructing the mainframe. In addition to 4 corner posts, you should use 6 other wooden beams as supportive horizontal braces. 

    You can incorporate several traditional-style windows into this wooden structure; just make sure you’re creating a separate, smaller frame for each of these window panes before integrating them into the unit. Use 4 pieces of 4” x 4” x 6’ lumber and 1 piece of 4” x 4” x 8’ lumber as your rafters and ridge board for your gazebo’s roof. Paint the whole frame, then add weatherproof material to the roof. 

    Simple and Functional Pergola Shelter 

    If you like the idea of a pergola but don’t want to spend lots of time and money creating a large, freestanding unit, you can try copying a basic yet attractive DIY design plan. Use a power drill to screw a long lumber piece into the sidewall of your house, then connect a shorter 6” x 2” beam to this wood so that it juts out away from the wall at a slight downward angle. You can use a strong, reliable metal bracket to help with this. 

    Use a pair of 4” x 4” lumber pieces as supportive posts, then connect several purlin beams across the frame to create a lattice-type structure. You can attach weatherproof roofing material to the top of this pergola if you want to keep your barbecue or grill dry throughout the winter or rainy springtime months. 

    Hexagonal Grill Gazebo 

    Hexagonal grill gazebos have a pleasingly symmetrical design that looks the part in almost any backyard or outdoor space. If you want to build one of these models yourself, construct the unit’s base first, connecting 3 sturdy lumber pieces so that they intersect at equal interior angles. You can then lay this base down on the ground and mark your foundation holes before inserting your posts into these holes and setting each one in concrete. 

    When you build the gazebo roof, remember to add a steeple or ornamental apex to the top. This neat touch will finish off your design, giving your hexagonal gazebo a decorative, stylish aesthetic. 

    Raised Gazebo 

    If you’re looking for a raised grill gazebo, you should consider a design that allows you to build a unit that’s on a 1.5’ to 2’ raised platform. However, you should make sure that you’re constructing this gazebo on a flat surface to ensure stability. This design also encourages you to add a rounded dome or cupola to the top of the unit’s roof, which gives the gazebo a chic, slightly Mediterranean look

    Rectangular Screened Gazebo 

    People who want a grill gazebo that comes with some extra privacy might find some inspiration from a rectangular screened design, with integrated screens that keep out loud noises and irritating rain or snow. 

    To make the screens themselves, you should invest in 16 pieces of 1” x 2” lumber to create suitably sized frames that you can incorporate into the main wooden structure. Opt for dimensions of 80” x 49¼” for the front frames and 80½” x 70½” for the side frames. 

    Whenever you have people over during the colder or wetter months, you can sit inside this gazebo and shelter from the rain. These screens can protect you and your guests from insects during the warmer months. 

    The Tiered Grill Gazebo 

    This gorgeous design is complex and intricate, but if you follow step-by-step instructions closely, you’ll create a fashionable unit that will serve as the major focal point of your backyard. 

    When it comes to finishing off this model, choose colors and materials that suit your backyard’s decor and aesthetic. For example, if you want to create a rustic or traditional-style vibe, opt for dark mahogany or French oak finish. You could also incorporate some ornamental touches into your design, like curved railings or a stunning cupola dome at the top of the unit. 

    Attached Gazebo With Lean Roof 

    You’ll find that this design is more cost-effective and simple to build than many other gazebo styles. You can use 12 pieces of 4” x 4” lumber for the unit’s posts, 6 pieces of 2” x 4” lumber for the structure’s top frame, and 9 pieces of 2” x 6” lumber for the rafters. 

    Attach the top frame to the back or side wall of your house, then use a circular or power saw to cut each end of these lumber pieces at an angle of 75°. This allows you to fit the back of your rafters flush with your wall. You can integrate a sturdy railing into the lower section of your gazebo to create a structure that looks rustic yet classy. 

    Pavilion-style Gazebo 

    Fans of Victorian-era design will appreciate the look and aesthetic of any pavilion-style gazebo. These models tend to be pretty open concept, with a scattering of 4” x 4” posts and decorative supportive braces that hold the structure together while allowing air to flow through the gazebo. 

    If you want to take your gazebo’s old-fashioned and classy decor to the next level, consider attaching an embellished chandelier to the ceiling of this hexagonal or octagonal unit. Your friends will marvel at the high-class and elegant vibe you’ve managed to create in your backyard. 

    Build Your Own Grill Gazebo With One of These 15 Fun Designs 

    Whether you own a slick new electric grill or an old-fashioned charcoal barbecue, you should consider building a stylish gazebo around this unit. These wooden or metallic structures can protect your grill from water damage or windy, stormy weather conditions. They also provide ample shade for your friends and family whenever they want to get away from the sun for a bit on a hot day.