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    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    Last Updated on November 12, 2021

    A flat top grill is a great cooking appliance for anyone who likes to cook. It’s perfect for people who love grilling, but also has the ability to sear, fry, and much more. However, flat top grills are not just limited to being used as an outdoor cooking device. They can be used indoors too! For those that want tips on how to use their flat top grill this article will provide you with some guidelines on cooking techniques and different recipes that work well on flat tops.

    Becoming a Grill Master: The Tips and Techniques you should know about

    How to cook with a flat top grill: Cooking Tips and Techniques

    Tip #1 – Preheat your flat top grill for at least five minutes

    Preheating your flat top is essential for cooking. While some recipes may require more time, in general it’s best to allow your flat top grill enough time to heat up before you begin cooking. If you start with a cold flat top the food will stick and not cook evenly.

    Tip #2  – Temperature control matters

    Controlling your flat top temperatures is imperative in flat tops. You want to keep your flat top at a certain temperature and it’s best that you find the right setting for what you are cooking with before starting out. If there isn’t enough heat, food will stick and not cook thoroughly while overheating can cause foods to burn or char quickly.

    Tip #3  – Know when to add oil and butter

    Adding oil or butter after the flat top grill is hot can cause it to smoke. It’s best that you add these oils and fats at a lower temperature where they will not burn off too quickly. The addition of these ingredients helps prevent food from sticking while cooking.

    Tip #4  – Keep the flat top clean while cooking

    Foods will easily stick to a dirty flat top grill. To prevent this, you should frequently wipe down your flat top with oil or other non-stick spray after every use. If there are food particles that do not come off right away then let them sit on the flat top for a while. They should come off easier after they’ve had some time to sit on the flat top grill.

    Tip #5  – Experiment with different cooking techniques

    There are several flat top grilling recipes that work well and many of them you will find through experimentation by trying out new things. Grill marks, searing, and flat top cooking are all different ways to use a flat top grill. By using the tips mentioned above you will be able to cook with your flat top better than ever before!


    These 5 tips may sound basic, but they are the foundation of flat top cooking. Once you have mastered these skills, you will be able to cook with a flat top grill like a pro!

    Master and keep these tips in mind to always ensure an enjoyable grilling experience!