Best Weber Grill Reviews of 2022

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    Last Updated on January 17, 2022
    Weber Grills

    If you love all things grilling, smoking, and barbecuing, then you must have come across Weber.

    This American company produces excellent and versatile smokers and grills that use propane, charcoal, electricity, or natural gas for fuel. Their easy-to-use, high-performance products have undoubtedly put them on the map as a brand—and contributed to their popularity with barbecue enthusiasts.

    By the time you finish our in-depth reviews, you’ll have ample knowledge of the best Weber grill models to pick one perfect for your preferences and needs. We’ll look at performance, durability, usability, value, and more!

    How to Pick the Perfect Weber Grill for Your Needs - Buying Guide

    Weber grills have some of the most versatile product line ups, which can lead to confusion when choosing one. It’s vital to know what you’re looking for before buying a grill to ensure that you don’t waste money on a grill that doesn’t meet your needs.

    Here are a few handy considerations that’ll help you choose the best Weber grill.

    Fuel Type

    One of the advantages of choosing a manufacturer like Weber is that they have versatile grills that use a myriad of fuel sources. Choose from charcoal, gas, or electric grills depending on your skill level, tastes, and requirements.

    For an authentic, old-school grilling experience, charcoal is king. However, if you prefer a more modern and convenient grilling experience, gas grills rule. Indoor grilling lines up with home association regulations, especially for condos and small apartments. Weber’s electric grills produce no smoke and are easier to store, hence more suitable for indoor grilling.

    Some Weber gas grills can also adapt to use both natural gas and propane. Such models are more expensive and should come with hose adapters, as finding the right parts is not easy.

    Also, note that charcoal is quite expensive. If you settle for a charcoal grill, be prepared to spend extra on purchasing the fuel.

    Size and Portability

    Do you mostly cook at home, or are you an avid camper and tailgater? If you’re the latter, you’ll need a portable grill that’s easier to transport and store. Weber has some of the best portable cookers on the market, ranging from electric to liquid propane and charcoal.

    Their charcoal grills, such as the famous Original Kettle, are medium-sized and perfect for cooking for small to medium families.

    Weber’s portable electric and liquid propane grills are the most compact, meaning they can transport easily but can’t cater to a crowd. These mobile grills are also cheaper as they generally are smaller and contain fewer features than the feature- and tech-packed, giant gas grills.


    Weber grills range in price from $400 to $2,500. While cheap may not always meet your needs, expensive is not also necessary – go for the grill that best suits your skill level and cooking requirements.

    Larger grills with enhanced features tend to be more expensive. If you’re grilling at home and don’t often participate in barbecue competitions, a mid-range, mid-capacity grill is your best bet.

    Look at the accessories that come included in the price, too—some of them like grill covers are worth their weight in gold.

    BTU Heat Ratings for Gas Grills

    Gas grills with higher BTU heat ratings are generally more efficient. A higher burner BTU means a higher heat capacity for the cooker. However, don’t go too big a grill—oversized grills quickly lose heat. Compact models retain heat better, allowing you to get your barbecue going and finished faster.

    Design and Construction

    When choosing a Weber grill, one of the primary considerations is the material it is made from, and the unit’s design.

    Cast aluminum grills are incredibly durable and can serve you for years. Stainless steel is also rust-resistant and corrosion-proof.  Look for both these materials in the construction of your grill’s body.

    When it comes to the grill grates, choose porcelain-enameled, stainless-steel, or cast-iron grates that won’t succumb to corrosion.

    Add-ons and Features

    Speaking of features, it’s always a good idea to go for a versatile grill that you can upgrade at a moment’s notice when the manufacturer releases new, more convenient features.

    For instance, consider the new iGrill3 ready grills on the market. They are compatible with Weber’s new thermometer, which mounts directly onto Spirit II or Genesis II gas grills. This app-connected thermometer, available for both Android and iOS mobile devices, allows you to monitor the doneness of up to four cuts of meat for the perfect results.

    Consider grills that can accommodate rotisserie burners, storage boxes, multiple cooking racks, tool racks, or rotisserie burners, as well.  Ultimately, the features that you choose will depend on your requirements but recognize that they’ll up the cost of your purchase. Don’t pay for what you don’t need!

    Top 5 Weber Grill Reviews

    Key Features

    • Cooking space: 393 square inches
    • Dimensions: 39.5 x 25 x 22.5 inches
    • Weight: 33.1 lbs.

    The Weber Original Kettle has got to be Weber’s bestselling grill by far! It has classic exterior design features and presents excellent versatility as it functions as both a grill and a smoker. Coming in well under $200 has something to do with its popularity, too, of course. 

    This model features the classic kettle design, topped with a light porcelain-enameled lid, stainless-steel aluminum cover, and steel-plated grills that will last you a lifetime. Dampers also help to control the temperature inside with ease.

    Although this grill only works with charcoal, that doesn’t stop you from using it as a smoker. It has ample cooking space, 393 square inches to be precise, enough to hold up to 50 steaks, kabobs, chops, and vegetables or 13 large burgers at a go.

    Weber produces the Original Kettle in black, green, and copper—and with a weight of 33 pounds and off-road wheels attached, maneuvering this beauty is not a challenging task. It comes with rust-proof and peel-proof construction that retains heat.

    What’s more, the Weber 22-inch Original Kettle is a breeze to use and clean. It has a one-touch cleaning system, removable ashtray, foldable legs, and a handy built-in thermometer to monitor inside cooking temperatures.

    This charcoal grill gives you plenty of grill for the price, is easy to assemble and use, and has dual functionality. However, many users say the foldable legs are sometimes not stable, so watch out for this flaw.

    All-in-all, this grill is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a good quality grill and smoker at an affordable price.



    Key Features

    • Cooking space: 646 square inches
    • BTU Rating: 10,600
    • Dimensions: 31 x 61 x 61 inches
    • Weight: 85 lbs.

    The Weber Genesis II E-410 is a powerhouse of a gas grill with six burners—and so much more! It has incorporated a tank scale to see how much fuel you have left and features even heat distribution as well as sturdy, heavy-duty construction.

    Infinity Ignition also ensures that just by turning the knob, the gas will ignite and start each burner effortlessly. Choose from a sear, smoke side, or rear-mounted rotisserie burner, depending on what you fancy cooking.

    The porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates add to the convenience with 646 square inches of cooking space plus 198 square inches of tuck-away warming racks overhead. This gas grill also features enough cabinet space to store the rear-mounted rotisserie motor, rods, and forks.

    Cleaning up is also a breeze thanks to the convenient catch pan that can be removed and cleaned. The burner tubes also require the occasional cleaning using a stainless-steel brush to keep them in mint condition with minimal maintenance. The robust flavorizer bars don’t need seasoning, making Weber Genesis II a favorite gas grill for many.

    The integrated smoker box with smoker burner is capable of producing smoke for hours, imparting that authentic barbecue flavor to food while cooking it low and slow.

    Overall this superior grill with cast aluminum and porcelain-enameled steel ensures longevity, and the battery grill light mounted in its handle makes using this grilling powerhouse effortless, especially in low-light conditions.



    Key Feature

    • Cooking space: 669 square inches
    • BTU Rating: 37,500
    • Dimensions: 32 x 33 x 26 inches
    • Weight: 150 lbs.

    The Weber Genesis II E310 provides a versatile and reliable heat level that makes using this appliance a breeze. The GS4 Grilling System includes three high-performance burners and flavorizers, and a fat-handling system for clean, mess-free operation. But for a much better clean you can purchase a compatible grill brush.

    It comes with robust, durable kitchen grills consisting of porcelain-enameled steel and 513 square inches of generous cooking space, plus an additional 156 square inches on the heating racket.

    This grill also considers usability. There are four utensil holders, a cart-shaped design with LP fuel meter, two wheels for quick maneuverability, and an in-built thermometer on the lid.  The infinite burner control valve also helps to maintain temperatures without wild fluctuations, and coupled with the grill’s full compatibility with Weber’s iGrill3 thermometers, operating this beauty is quick and easy.

    If you consider all these features, the grill’s versatility, stable heat, and iGrill3 compatibility, the price is undoubtedly worth paying. However, some users have found it hard to assemble, hard to manage heat levels, and commented negatively on the exposed wiring that leads to the starter.



    Key Features

    • Cooking space: 189 square inches
    • Heating Element: 1560W
    • Dimensions: 23.5 x 27 x 20.5 inches
    • Weight: 29.3 lbs.

    One of the most significant disadvantages of barbecue grills is that they aren’t suited for the indoors, not unless you want your house and soft furnishings doused in smoke after. Most condos and serviced apartments also have regulations that prohibit grilling indoors.

    The Weber Q4100 electric Grill bypasses all these limitations, allowing you to comfortably grill and smoke indoors.  All you need do is plug into a power outlet, and you’re good to go—and with a six-foot cord, finding a good place to grill shouldn’t be hard.

    It also doesn’t use canisters or charcoal briquettes and is incredibly lightweight and portable. The small footprint makes it perfect for camping or tailgating when paired with a generator, and once you’re through, storing this unit is a breeze.

    The only downsides we could see are a limited cooking space, which, of course, means you can’t grill or smoke much, and the lack of a temperature gauge, which means you won’t be able to monitor the inside temperature and progress of your barbecue closely.



    Key Features

    • Cooking space: 147 square inches
    • Dimensions: 15.4 x 15.6 x 9.2 inches
    • Weight: 9.85 lbs.
    • Warranty: 5-year burn and rust-through warranty

    The Weber 40020 Smokey Joe is the perfect portable and affordable charcoal grill with lots of cooking space considering its small size. Fit in six burgers or three steaks with ease, and barbecue effortlessly with the help of the built-in digital thermometer, chimney starter, and lighting perfect for low-light outdoor conditions.

    This grill also imparts a finger-licking smoked charcoal flavor to foods. The classic and old-school design adds to its appeal, and the heavy steel charcoal plate, rust-resistant parts, porcelain-enameled cover, and reinforced glass handles add to its durability.

    The Weber Smokey Joe is also easy to clean and maintain. It features a removable ash retainer as well as the patented Weber one-touch cleaning system for easy post-grilling cleanup.

    Although it doesn’t come pre-assembled, it isn’t hard to put together—you’ll just need to screw the legs to the bowl and the handle to the lid. Its generous warranty is another reason we picked this Weber grill. Enjoy a 10-year guarantee for the pan and cover, 5-year warranty on the One-Touch Cleaning System, and a 2-year warranty for the rest of the parts.

    This Weber grill impressed us with its affordability, portability, great design, and usability. It may not be the best choice when cooking for large gatherings but is excellent if preparing food for a small family of 4 to 6.



    Final Verdict: The Best Weber Grill for Your Money ​

    741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch

    While we honestly feel nearly any grill from Weber is going to be a fantastic choice, we think we narrowed down the best Weber grills pretty well in our reviews. Of course, which will work best for you will depend on your needs.

    Our top-pick was the Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill. It is not only easy to use but affordable, durable, and offers excellent value. If, however, you don’t fancy using charcoal to grill or prefer to grill indoors the Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill and Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill present acceptable alternatives respectively.

    For an affordable grill great for small-group camping trips or quick backyard dinners, you can’t do better than the Weber Smokey Joe. It stores away easy for occasional use!

    So, get yourself one of these Weber beauties, that’ll get you grilling like a pro in no time! We’d also love to hear any suggestions, tips, and worthy mentions that you feel should have featured in this post, so feel free to comment or ask questions below.

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