11 Best Propane Fire Pits Reviews

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    Last Updated on October 21, 2021

    Fire pits are an attractive feature in any backyard and are often the focal point at a party or outdoor gathering. Propane fire pits do not produce unhealthy smoke like a wood-burning model, and as they light quickly and easily, you can warm your outdoor living area in just a few minutes. 

    I enjoy using my propane fire pit all-year-round. Whether I’m toasting marshmallows in the summer evenings or tucked up under a blanket outside in the clear winter nights, a fire pit provides a relaxing ambiance and a warm setting.

    I’ve had the pleasure of testing many propane fire pits and other outdoor fire pits, and here are my picks for the best propane fire pits on the market.

    Top 11 Best Propane Fire Pits Reviews

    Buying a high-quality propane gas fire pit on a budget doesn’t mean you have to accept a drop in quality. Best Choice Products has designed this natural ambiance fire pit with a decorative stonework pattern, giving the appearance of a more traditional fire. The lava rocks complement their stone and act as an insulating material that protects the stainless steel burner. 

    The one-step spark ignition system guarantees an immediate start without getting your hands dirty or struggling with matches in windy weather. The 30,000 BTUs of energy per hour provide plenty of heat for a large group gathered around the fire pit, while the included propane feed hose connects quickly to a standard 20-lb. tank so you can begin heating your backyard right out of the box. 

    Due to the hose’s extended length, you can store your tank away from the fire pit and cover it with a small table.

    Weighing a lightweight 40 lbs. this propane fire pit is portable, and there are 2 integrated side handles that make it easier to carry. If you prefer to leave your fire pit outside, you can place the all-weather cover over the unit’s top and sides. 

    This feature means you do not need to place your fire pit in a shed or garage, and the cover also offers protection from the sun and rain to ensure the colors do not fade whatever the weather.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This fire pit competes against more expensive rival models in just about every category and provides superb value for money for those shopping on a budget.



    A fire pit is a perfect addition to your camping or tailgating equipment. However, charcoal fire pits can produce far too much smoke and ash, and you are not allowed to use one if there is a campfire ban. If it is a cold night, you may have to miss out on the fun of sitting around a campfire, roasting S’mores, and enjoying the company of friends and family. 

    This deluxe propane gas fire pit from Outland ensures you can relish the thrill of a campfire while using a clean, efficient, and safe fuel source. While it is essential to confirm the restrictions operating in your area, this CSA-approved fire pit is suitable for use during most campfire bans. As there is no messy and potentially flammable ash, it is safe, and you also won’t leave a mess after use. 

    Made of high-quality stainless steel material, this fire pit is lightweight, and you can quickly assemble it in just a few minutes without requiring tools. Measuring just 19” x 19” x 11”, it does not take up much room but can still produce an exceptional 58,000 BTUs of power per hour.

    This model comes with a handy Cover and Carry Kit for protection during transportation, and the 10-foot propane hose is already pre-attached. The natural lava rocks enhance the flames’ flickering effect, providing a stunning ambient impact on the campsite or the beach. This model is an excellent choice for the outdoor enthusiast.

    Who Should Get This? 

    If you love to get out in nature and want to take your propane fire pit with you, this model is the best portable propane fire pit. Compact and functional, it doesn’t disappoint.



    If you have a modern design theme for your outdoor living area, this Bali Outdoors propane gas fire pit should be the perfect addition. The black color scheme can fit in with any current decor, and the circular fire pit has a neat and discreet 23” diameter. The most striking element is the smooth blue fire glass diamonds that combine with the round burner to reflect the flames in a mesmerizing display

    You can enjoy sitting alone watching the flames dance and flicker in the night or appreciate the serenity with friends over a relaxing glass of wine. After using the electronic ignition system to quickly start the flames, the fire pit provides an EVEN AND CONSISTENT HEAT that warms all areas around the circular column. 

    The 50,000 BTUs of energy per hour can heat substantial-sized backyards, and this model works with a standard 20-lb. propane tank that is easy to obtain and relatively cheap to purchase. If you have uneven paving stones or intend to use your fire pit in your garden where the ground may be unstable, you can adjust the footstands to match the land’s contours. 

    This added stability prevents your fire pit from tipping over, protecting it from accidental damage, and ensuring the flames do not make contact with your grass or other exposed areas. The thermocouple security protection feature also cuts the gas source if it does not make contact with the flame, reducing the risk of a dangerous gas build-up.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This propane fire pit is the perfect fit for those with a modern outdoor living area who are looking for a model that can add bright and attractive colors when the flames glow.



    Camping has changed immeasurably with the advent of modern technology and engineering designs. This fire pit from Camplux brings an added touch of luxury to your camping trip, enabling you to enjoy a warm fire with beautiful flames at the touch of a button. 

    You never need to worry about running out of charcoal or hunting in the woods for firewood, as the propane tank provides a steady fuel source. There is even a gas cylinder holder for stability, and the 10-foot propane hose allows you to keep the tank out of sight and away from the fire pit. 

    Although it is gas-fired, the flame has a realistic appearance and has a real campfire ambiance. Tell spooky stories, toast marshmallows, or just relax in the quiet of the forest while the flames throw beautiful flickering lights and shadows into the night. The no-spark propane system is ETL-approved for safety and environmental protection, making it ideal for use in forested areas. 

    Even if you are exposed to inclement weather, the high-quality steel construction and enamel coating ensure your fire pit does not suffer from cracks or corrosion. When it’s time to pack up, you can place the lid on top of the fire chamber to ensure dust and dirt can not reach the internal components. 

    The carry strap comes with strong buckles that support the fire pit’s weight when lifting it off the ground, and the solid circular base provides a stable base when in transit.

    Who Should Get This? 

    It’s great to get away in the outdoors and enjoy telling stories and roasting marshmallows over an open flame. This model is a good choice for any camper or tailgater.



    If you prefer a fire pit that is long and slimline so that friends and family can gather around and enjoy the heat and flames, this could be the model for you. The Linear T design stretches to a generous 48”, providing plenty of room for everyone to warm their hands on a chilly night.

    The marine-grade stainless steel rim is rust- and corrosion-resistant for an extended lifespan and also provides a neat edging that reflects the flickering flames. 

    THE PUSH-BUTTON IGNITION allows you to start the heat and flames instantly, and you can use the variable heat control knob to adjust the settings to your preference. Concealed under a tilt-up cover, these controls are safe from the elements, even on a windy or rainy day.

    For added safety, this fire pit has an integrated sensor that monitors the flame. If the wind or rain extinguishes the flame, the sensor automatically turns off the gas, potentially averting a dangerous situation.

    If wet weather interrupts your relaxing evening around the fire pit, you can turn the flame on again as soon the rain stops. The intelligent design allows water to flow through the fire pit onto the drain tray or to the ground. Because water does not pool around the components, the fire pit dries out quickly.

    Simply fit this fire pit into your enclosure and invite your guests round for a fun social evening. Because the fire pit weighs only 68 lbs., it can fit into many stylish enclosure designs.

    Who Should Get This? 

    A propane fire pit is a striking feature and can be a focal point in your outdoor living area. This model is ideal for those adding chic style to their backyard.



    If you run your outdoor grill on propane gas, you can use the same 15- or 20-lb. tank to power this fire pit. One of this model’s most appealing features is the built-in tank storage compartment. Rather than having a tank sitting out in the open and a hose running over your backyard, which could be a trip hazard, you can place your tank underneath the pit.

    The attractive rattan-style finish looks great in any outdoor living area and is weatherproof when the weather gets a bit colder and wet. The ignition system and adjustable flame dial are easily accessible on the unit’s side, and the included fire-safe lava rocks have a pleasing stone-like appearance.

    You can use this fire pit right out of the box since it does not require assembly. After spreading the lava rocks over the fit pit, you can attach your propane tank and instantly start heating your backyard. 

    The unit weighs just over 107 lbs., but there are carry handles on 2 sides, so you can ask a friend or family member to help move it to the most convenient location. This feature also makes it easy to store your fire pit in a garage or shed after use. 

    Made from lightweight concrete and with an iron frame, this fire pit can withstand any accidental bumps or scrapes that can occur outdoors, and it does not rust in damp weather. The handcrafted details give the material a textured feel and help the rainwater to run off the sides to prevent water pooling.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This fire is easy to assemble and has convenient features that make it one of the most straightforward models on the market. Ideal for a relaxed evening outdoors.



    This fire pit can last for many years using a combination of flame-retardant magnesium oxide, versatile fiberglass, durable stone, and rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The one-step spark ignition system and flame adjustment knob are safely inset into the side panel, ensuring they are safe from the elements while also reducing the risk of accidentally bumping one of the controls. 

    On a cold night, you can enjoy the benefit of the 40,000 BTUs per hour power source, or on a warmer evening, you can turn the flame down for a milder heat. The fire-safe lava rocks help give a more uniform flame performance, resulting in a consistent heat to warm your hands and make tasty s’mores with ease. 

    The stylish gray lava rock color scheme is sure to be a talking point with your guests, and you can use the 2 integrated handles to move the fire pit to the gathering point in your backyard. 

    The outer materials are easy to clean, and you can wipe them down with a damp cloth in a matter of minutes, leaving your fire pit ready for the next use. The included waterproof PVC cover keeps your fire pit clean and dry, extending its lifespan and reducing the need for unnecessary repairs to the internal components.

    Because your fire pit does not generate smoke or ash, it is also kind to the environment, which is crucial to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Propane fire pits are generally more consistent than any other model, but this unit brings unrivaled continuity to their flame performance and heat output. Ideal for those who enjoy a hassle-free experience.



    8. Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Mesa 48-Inch Propane Fire Pit: Best Propane Fire Pit

    Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Mesa 48-Inch Propane Fire Pit

    The striking copper material and finish make this Mesa fire pit a stunning feature in your backyard. American-made for superior quality control, the copper color changes over time with exposure to the weather. A green film covers the material, adding to your fire pit’s aesthetic qualities while also adding a layer of protection.

    The included dark-colored lava rock contrasts beautifully with the vibrant natural-looking flame. If you prefer, you can use a selection of fire glass to fit the decor of your backyard furniture, and the flame reflects in the material as it flickers in the dark evenings.

    An integrated half-inch liquid propane air mixer works with the electronic ignition system to intelligently relight your fire if the wind blows it out. There’s no need to get up from your chair or continually press the start button to keep the fire burning. 

    If there is showery weather when you are sitting out with your fire pit, the burner pan has multiple drainage holes that prevent water from gathering in your unit. If water is allowed to collect in your fire pit, it can make it more challenging to clean, and any metallic surfaces could rust. Water can also cause the paint to chip, drastically reducing your purchase’s lifespan, as well as affecting the outside appearance.

    If you are looking for the best outdoor propane fire pit, I’m confident you’ll love this excellent model from Mesa.

    Who Should Get This? 

    If you value the modern convenience of a feature-packed model combined with the appearance of a traditional campfire, this fire pit is an excellent choice.



    9. Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Cazo 48-Inch Propane Fire Pit: Best Propane Fire Pit for Durability

    Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Cazo 48-Inch Propane Fire Pit

    Made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), this model from Top Fires can last for many outdoor use years. This GFRC fire pit can withstand cold temperatures and unseasonably warm heat. 

    The material can survive in marine environments and is ideal if you live near the ocean. It also does not crack like standard concrete, so it is suitable for arid conditions. Glass fibers do not rust like other metals, so it requires less maintenance than a steel fire pit. 

    Top Fire mixes their paint pigments into the outer material, so the color is cast into the fibers, reducing the risk of chipping or cracking over time. With a maximum power output of 65,000 BTUs per hour and a burning area diameter of 29”, this model can heat a substantial backyard. 

    The match-light ignition system provides an outdoor campfire-like experience, although you can upgrade to an electronic ignition system if you prefer the added convenience. Choose from 6 separate color schemes to match your furniture or make a stylish feature of your fire pit, and the Cazo design has a Spanish influence for a European feel.

    While choosing the aesthetic design of your fire pit, you may favor fire glass over lava rocks. You only need around 75 lbs. of fire glass to cover the insert area making this an affordable and easy-to-change upgrade

    Manufactured by Top Fire in American factories, you can rely on the build quality and cast-iron warranties for each fire pit component.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Because a propane fire pit can spend a considerable amount of time exposed to the elements, it needs to be durable. Buy this model if you plan to leave your fire pit outside.



    10. Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Catalina Propane Gas Fire Pit - Top Choice for Traditional Rustic Style

    Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Catalina Propane Gas Fire Pit - Concrete Oak Wood Grain

    The oak wood grain design natural finish gives this fire pit an innate old-style appearance that brings a touch of rustic charm to your backyard. If you appreciate the feel of an authentic campfire in nature combined with the convenience of a modern propane-fired gas fire pit, this model demands a closer look. 

    Although this unit looks like a traditional wood fire, it comes with a quick-start match light system, which is effective even in breezy conditions. There is an easy access door at one end of the unit, and an electrician can wire the system so you can control it with a light switch or a home automation system for the ultimate in fire pit convenience.

    There are glass panel walls to protect the flame from the wind, but the smart electronic ignition system also relights your fire pit should a breeze temporarily extinguish the flame. While this ensures you do not have to go to the trouble of relighting the flame, it is also an excellent safety feature as gas does not release into the surrounding air. Safety is essential when using propane, so this is a welcome addition from the team at Top Fires.

    The glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) material allows for thinner construction than is the case with standard concrete units, so the unit is lighter while being more robust. While the wood grain finish may seem vulnerable to the elements, this fire pit is not susceptible to rust and does not crack or chip even in extreme weather cycles.

    Who Should Get This? 

    If you have a traditional style to your backyard decor or appreciate a more natural appearance for your fire pit, you won’t go wrong choosing this model.



    11. Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Luna 30-Inch Propane Fire Pit: Best Propane Fire Pits for Placement Options

    Top Fires by The Outdoor Plus Luna 30-Inch Propane Fire Pit

    While many fire pits must sit on the ground or fit into an insert, this model from Top Fires can be a feature at eye level or ground-level. You can place this rounded bowl-shaped pit on a table or pillar as a talking point when guests are arriving for a social evening. As the night progresses, lift it down and place it in a central area on the ground for friends and family to gather around.

    The attractive Luna shape is designed to resemble the moon and has soft contours that give off a relaxing ambiance. The durable black finish is cast into the heavy-duty construction material, ensuring it does not wash out in the rain or after exposure to sunlight. 

    The black-colored lava rock is included in the package, but if you prefer you can use fire glass to cast varying shades of light into the darker evenings.

    Use the match-light ignition system for an instant start, relax with a hot drink, or get the skewers out and toast tasty treats before bedtime. Although this system is reliable, you can upgrade to an electronic ignition system or choose an ignition system that works remotely. You don’t need to leave your seat or even be outdoors to light your fire pit, allowing the backyard to heat before you go outside. 

    The 30” fire pit diameter is enough to heat most outdoor living areas, but you can choose a larger 38” version if you prefer. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    If you like to vary the style and appearance of your outdoor living area, this model’s design enables you to move it to various positions.



    Final Verdict

    A propane fire pit brings style, warmth, and the enthralling display of flickering flames to an outdoor living area. The smokeless fuel ensures your fire pit and the surrounding furniture stay clean, and you can enjoy the aesthetically-pleasing qualities that various lava rocks and fire glass bring to your patio or garden.

    While there are many excellent models, this editor’s pick is the Best Choice Products 30,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit.