The 5 Best Pellet Grill for Searing for 2022

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    Last Updated on January 17, 2022
    best pellet grill for searing

    Searing is a culinary technique that applies high temperatures to grilled meats until they get that characteristic crispy, brown, caramelized exterior. But without the best pellet grill for searing, achieving this professional look can be nearly impossible.

    You’ll find many pellet grills in the market, but not every grill is fit for searing. This cooking style requires high temperatures beyond the ones a typical pellet grill can offer. Only a few pellet grills meet this requirement.

    The trick is, no manufacturer will tell you that its grill isn’t suitable for searing, so you can end up making the wrong choice if you’re looking for a grill that has searing capabilities.

    To help you avoid making this avoidable purchasing mistake, we have done the research for you, and came up with a detailed list of the top pellet grills for searing available today.

    How to Pick the Perfect Pellet Grill for Searing

    Pellet grills can give your food a delicious, smoky taste and aroma. It is one of the best and most convenient ways of giving your family a lovely holiday or weekend cookout experience. When you do, using a pellet grill that can sear and grill your meat is the best option.

    With this in mind, you must consider several characteristics when choosing the best pellet grill for searing. Here are some of the key features to heed:

    Temperature Range

    Temperature range is the first thing you should consider when shopping for a pellet grill for searing. 

    While most pellet grills offer high enough temperatures for roasting, barbecuing, and grilling, searing requires a great deal more heat. The right pellet grill for searing should have a temperature range that goes up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This temperature will provide the optimum heat to give your meat a ‘seared’ and appealing look that, in most cases, you can only achieve with a charcoal grill.

    Cooking Surface Area

    Do you grill regularly for a large crew? Or do you have a small patio or deck in your backyard? 

    When choosing a pellet grill, these are some questions to consider when you are determining the cooking-surface area that will best serve your specific needs. 

    A large grill surface is crucial for serving a big family or group. But if you have a small cooking area, you’ll want to consider a smaller grill. A pellet grill with a smaller cooking surface will work well for a small group of people, will help you save on fuel costs, and is suitable for people with space limitations.

    So, consider your needs and space availability before you choose the best option for your particular needs.

    Grate Material

    When you go to the hardware store, you’ll mostly find pellet grills with two types of grates – cast iron and stainless steel. 

    Cast-iron grates are best for searing as they heat faster than stainless-steel ones. Cast iron also is free of food-sticking issues. That said, they can rust easily and require regular care and attention to prevent corrosion.

    Meanwhile, stainless-steel grates are rust-resistant, making them highly durable. Though they heat up slowly, they have high heat-retention capabilities. But they can pose a cleaning challenge when food sticks to them.


    Are you a grill-on-the-go person? 

    If so, you need to consider portability before purchasing your pellet grill. Most pellet grills with searing capability are massive, though, so you they generally need to stay in one place. 

    But there are still some portable options. For example, Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Wood Pellet Grill is portable, thanks to its foldable design and lightweight nature. With this grill, you can enjoy a seared meal when you’re tailgating or on a camping trip.

    Most pellet grills also have a cart-style design with heavy-duty wheels, so they’re generally easy to move around your backyard.

    Be sure to find a grill that matches your grilling lifestyle!

    Temperature Controls

    Searing different foods requires different temperature ranges. Pork, for example, will require a different heat range than beef, poultry, game, or fish. 

    For you to get the cooking temperature right you’re going to need the best external thermometer you can get. But there is also another way around this. In this essence, it is crucial to consider the temperature controls on your pellet grill. The right grill should offer a variety of temperature controls that you can monitor and control according to the type of food you’re searing.


    A pellet grill is not just for searing, of course. So, the best pellet grill for searing should also be versatile.

    Choose a pellet grill with which you can grill, barbecue, roast, bake, braise, and smoke.  

    Remember, searing and smoking grills are costly. But a versatile pellet grill can offer real value for your money because it can cook so many foods in so many ways. Be sure you’re getting everything you need in your pellet grill.

    Top 5 Pellet Grills For Searing Reviews​

    Key Features:

    • Cooking surface area of 538 square inches 
    • Temperature range of 180 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit 
    • Weighs 84 pounds

    Are you a first-timer in the searing arena? 

    If so, you need a pellet grill that can help you learn this technique quickly. This Z GRILLS unit comes with outstanding features that are easy to use, even for beginners.

    It has a huge cooking area of 538 square inches, and a 10-pound hopper. The area features stainless steel grates, rust-proof covers, and a warming rack, giving you a fantastic grilling and searing experience. It comprises a stainless-steel, corrosion-proof construction, which makes it durable and sturdy. 

    The unit features an electric automatic pellet-feed system that ensures heat retention, and it has a temperature range of 180 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit, suitable for smoking your favorite foods and producing optimal smoke to give your meat that delicious, sassy flavor.

    The Z GRILLS Upgrade Model uses a Precise Temperature Control system with an LED temperature readout, enabling you to control and monitor the grill’s heat with exactitude. It also comes with an electronic auto-start ignition that makes it easy to light and use. 

    You’ll also get a specialized waste-oil collector to enhance sanitation and safety. And it’s easy to move this grill around, thanks to its cart-style design and two rugged, heavy-duty wheels, which are suitable for any terrain.


    • Strong and durable, thanks to stainless-steel construction
    • Specialized waste-oil design that eases the cleanup process
    • Optimal heat for searing needs


    • No searing box

    Key Features:

    • Cooking surface area of 219 square inches 
    • Temperature range of 150 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit 
    • Weighs 68 pounds

    This grill is your ideal companion for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor adventures. Its compact size makes it the most portable pellet grill on our list. No longer will being a grill-on-the-go person deny you the chance to enjoy a perfectly seared, smoked, roasted, or baked meals wherever you are.

    This Davy Crockett unit is lightweight, at only 68 pounds, and it folds to fit on any truck or RV. But don’t let its compact design fool you: This unit produces enough heat for all your searing needs. 

    It has a temperature range of 150 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit, plus a 5-degree incremental control to set the right heat for searing. What’s more, it features a meat probe that enhances your heat monitoring without opening the lid. 

    This unit also features CMG Smart technology that allows you to monitor and control your grill digitally from your mobile device, as long as you have a WiFi connection. It also has a user-friendly app that enables you to turn the grill on or off, adjust the temperature, set the alarm, or put the unit on fan mode.

    The auger system controls pellet feeding and oxygen inflow, ensuring that you maintain the right heat and temperature. It is also easy to clean with the use of a grill brush and suitable detergents. 

    We’re telling you, this unit features all the modern technologies you need to take your searing skills to the next level!


    • Easy to carry, thanks to its foldable design
    • CMG smart technology for easy remote-control operation
    •  Suitable for use at home, tailgating, camping, or on any other outdoor adventure


    • Requires a WiFi connection for remote operation
    • Foldable lets can be finicky

    Key Features:

    • Cooking surface of 570 square inches 
    • Temperature range of 160 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit for grilling and up to 900 degrees for the sear box 
    • Weighs 35 pounds

    This pellet grill is a beast in the grilling world. It offers you the opportunity to choose your favorite cooking technique. Whether that is barbecue, baking, grilling, smoking, roasting, braising, or searing, it will serve your purpose effectively. 

    The unit features a cooking area of 570 square inches and a removable warming rack, so you can cook for a substantial hungry group. The warming racks ensure your food remains hot after it’s ready.

    The temperature range on this grill is 160 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit for your grilling and roasting needs. 

    It also comes with a searing box that delivers temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you’re set to create well-seared steak, ribs, or poultry. Just use the temperature knob to choose the perfect heat for the type of food you’re searing, and the grill will do the rest!

    This grill uses Smart Smoke technology with its digital-temperature controls. The technology also features automatic pellet-feeding, which ensures that the grill maintains the right heat and produces optimal smoke.

    For easy cleaning, this grill comes with an ash cleanout system, which you won’t find in many pellet grills.


    • Ash cleanout system for easy cleanup
    • Separate sear box with separate temperature control
    • Suitable for large barbecue parties


    • Might not always live up to maximum searing and smoking results

    Key Features:

    • Cooking surface of 811 square inches 
    • Temperature range of 160 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit for grilling and up to 900 degrees for searing 
    • Weighs 187 pounds

    Are you looking to take your searing to a whole new level? 

    If so, the Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 is the right grill for you. Its enhanced technology will transform your searing experience and make you the talk of the block!

    The grill features a cooking area of a whopping 811 square inches, fit for preparing meals for a large family or party. It has a temperature range of 160 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit, plus a sear box that delivers temperatures up to 900 degrees, so you can achieve all your searing and grilling quickly and conveniently.

    Like other Woodwind grills, this unit uses Smart Smoke technology. The technique features a digital temperature control that enhances your ability to maintain consistent cooking temperatures. It comes with an automated auger that feeds pellets to the grill to ensure that optimal heat.

    The unit also has an ash-cleanup system for easy removal of ashes after each cooking session. Plus, it comes with an upscaled hopper capacity, suitable for long, slow cooking or smoking. Dual heat probes allow you to grill two meals at a go.

    Overall, Woodwind SG 24 is one of the best pellet grills for searing. Its ample cooking space and searing box are fabulous, and it uses hardwood pellets that produce optimal smoke to give your meat a tasty, caramelized flavor.


    • Easy to clean due to the ash cleanup system
    • Excellent, easy-to-use digital technology
    • Suitable for large barbecue productions


    • Requires you to dig deeper on your pocket

    Key Features:

    • Cooking surface area of 180 square inches 
    • Temperature range of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Weighs 32.2 pounds

    Seared meat is mouthwateringly delicious – and maybe a little addictive. But it can also be very expensive to purchase the right pellet grill for the job.

    Camp Chef SmokePro BBQ Sear Box is an excellent choice for people on a tight budget. This unit has a total cooking area of 180 square inches and a 16,000 BTU propane burner that provides reliable heat for searing. It’s easy to attach to several models of Camp Chef pellet grills, too.

    This sear box has a temperature range of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and the black, stainless-steel construction enables this sear box to absorb and retain heat from the pellet grill. It will give you far better searing power than the grill alone could ever accomplish.

    This nifty box comes with removable cast-iron grates that make it easy to clean and assemble. For enhanced smoking, the grates have small holes that let in smoke from the pellet grill and enhance your meat’s flavor, at the same time the sear box adds attractive grill marks and color.

    Its heat-diffuser plate ensures even cooking of your favorite meal. In a word, this box merges gas and pellet grilling. It’s also affordable and delivers great value for your money. What more could you want?


    • Affordable and reliable for every searing need
    • Easy to attach and use 
    • Constant heat output at 16,000 BTUs


    • Requires a compatible Camp Chef pellet grill

    Final Verdict: Best Pellet Grills For Searing

    All units in our Best Pellet Grill for Searing review are worthy candidates. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendliness, versatility, or portability, you’ll find a grill that will fit your specific needs. So, there’s no excuse not to host the perfect cookout!

    Nonetheless, the Z GRILLS Upgrade Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker emerged as our top pick as the best pellet grills for searing in 2021. 

    This grill stood out from others for its temperature range, durability, and versatility.  The grill has a sear box with a temperature range of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the powerhouse requirement for the best searing possible. 

    It uses Precise Temperature Control system with an LED temperature readout and it’s easy to move this grill around, thanks to its cart-style design and two rugged, heavy-duty wheels, which are suitable for any terrain.  Now it’s time to fire up the grill!