11 Best Outdoor Misting Fan Reviews

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    Last Updated on November 29, 2021
    Outdoor Misting Fan

    A spectacular outdoor social event or camping trip can be let down by overwhelming heat. Outdoor misting fans provide the relief you need to keep yourself and your guests, friends, or family comfortable

    I love spending the warm summer months outside in my backyard and enjoy hosting various gatherings so I can share important moments with the people I love. However, I don’t love the endless sweating that typically accompanies them. 

    This sent me on the search for the best outdoor misting fan, which would allow me to spend time outdoors without being sweaty and uncomfortable.

    Top 11 Best Outdoor Misting Fan Reviews

    The Misto 7050 outdoor misting fan looks different than all the other options on this list. Disregarding the standard circular fan head and blade, this fan more closely resembles a car vent.

    Instead of an oscillating head and blade, the Lasko 7050 blows air from in-between the horizontal slats, which are perfectly positioned for the angle of the water mist nozzles. This vent has a 90° pivot function.

    Like other, more expensive models, this fan can lower outdoor temperatures by up to 25°F and features 3-speed settings.

    Designed to be rust-resistant, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant this is a resilient outdoor fan that utilizes many safety features. This fan comes equipped with an in-line GFCI with a 3-prong grounded plug and is designed to cut off any current if an electrical fault is detected.

    This compact, safety-conscious fan is perfect for patios and decks or family picnics on the lawn.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This is a low-key, sturdy option for people who want a durable fan but who may not need to use it frequently and won’t want to spend much money.



    Standing at 10” x 21” and an overall weight of 15 lbs., this is a small-but-mighty fan.

    While everything is smaller on this fan, nothing is sacrificed in terms of quality. You get amazing features such as ultra-fine mist, ability to lower the temperature by 20°F, reduce pollutants like smoke and airborne allergens, adjustable mist levels, and low maintenance design.

    Place this on a tabletop or counter to provide temperature relief to a small area of outdoor space. With this model, you’ll cover 400 sq. ft., made possible by the 353 CFMs of power.

    The built-in tank reservoir holds 2 gallons of water, much smaller than others, but this is reflected in the price.

    This 70W misting fan needs to be connected to a standard 110V outlet. However, it is the quietest outdoor fan in the Ecojet by Joape series, at only 64 dB

    Who Should Get This? 

    This would be perfect for someone who wants a cheaper option, who only wants a small space covered for personal use instead of bigger social gatherings.



    Cool down with the Cool-Off Island Breeze Oscillating misting fan. Measuring at 78” tall, with a 26” head, this is a well-sized fan for any kind of outdoor space.

    Equipped with a 3-speed setting, this fan will fit any kind of weather. It features a centrifugal mist design, eliminating clogged nozzles and making it a low-maintenance unit.

    This fan is easy to move where you need because of the sturdy wheels on the base and its slim yet robust framework and can cover a minimum range of 40 ft

    The copper motor makes the Cool-Off fan quiet and efficient, great for times when you don’t want background noise.

    And, in case you worry about the worst happening, the Cool-Off Island Breeze has an in-built automatic water pump shut-off and overload protection.

    This fan can double as a misting system for tropical house plants, providing the humidity such plants would need.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Great for those who like the outdoor life but don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort. The quiet operation makes it ideal for outdoor relaxation or meditation space.



    Bring cooling relief to your outdoor space with this Geek Aire outdoor misting fan. Choose from the 12” or 16” option, depending on the size of your outdoor space.

    This fan will withstand the elements as it’s waterproof, rustproof, UV-Resistant, and features toughened thick paint.

    The 1,500 mAh detachable, rechargeable battery makes this model unique. No other fans on this list are battery operated. Considering the 1,500 CFM airflow, power isn’t sacrificed by the battery operation. You’ll get 3-24 hours from a fully charged battery, and can buy additional batteries if required.

    This is a portable fan, made to be lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, weighing in at just 3.2 or 7.1 lbs., depending on the size, this is the lightest fan on the list

    The head is 360° tilting, the base is fitted with anti-slip feet, and will connect with almost any standard US garden hose.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Great for people who need a portable fan. The lightweight design and battery make this fan an exceptional choice for those who won’t have access to a power outlet.



    The OPOLAR clip-on misting fan provides the classic desktop option, but with the bonus of being capable for outdoor use. Attach this small 8” fan to whatever surface or object is most convenient in your outdoor space.

    Measuring at 10” x 4.4” x 11.6”, weighing only 2.59 lbs. and featuring a 39.3” power cord, this small fan has excellent functionality. The head is capable of 360° rotation, and there is a 200ml capacity water tank.

    This fan runs at a low 51dB, the lowest noise level for any fan on this list, and features 3-speed settings ranging from 900-1900 RPM.

    Another useful feature is the removable rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery. Simply recharge through a USB outlet, on a car, a laptop, or an external battery. Once the battery is recharged, there’s no need for cables or an outlet, run the fan wherever you’d like.

    Who Should Get This? 

    A wonderful fan for those who want to take a fan anywhere they go, without restraint of power outlets, and people who intend it for individual use.



    This pedestal fan made by NewAir is the cheapest option on this list, yet you wouldn’t know it. Designed in sophisticated black, with an 18” head, this fan would suit various outdoor styles.

    The oscillating fan head has 3 settings, 2,400 CFMs of power, and is controlled by a pull chain switch. If you don’t require oscillation, the settings can be changed to static mode for targeted cooling. 

    You’re also free to adjust the fan’s height and angle to tailor it to your needs, and it’s capable of covering a 500 square foot area.

    This fan’s power is so efficient it can cool outdoor temperatures by up to 15°F, a feat only boasted by much more expensive models.

    The in-built head misting system provides a fine mist, simply hook up your 0.75” garden hose to the fan. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    This freestanding pedestal fan is ideal for renters unable to attach wall-mounted styles to their outdoor area. Or people who need intense cooling on a budget. 



    Bring some style to your outdoor space with the Dynamic Collections 19” Oscillating Fan. 

    Available in 3 style options: rustique, riverside, and mariner. Each option brings its own unique flair to whatever space it’s in and features hand-wrought stylings. The rustique has a dark copper tone, the riverside a dark red sheen, and the mariner is golden bronze with rope detail.

    Built for the outdoors with all-weather, UV-resistant paint, a weighted base, and “wet listed” safety rating CFGI plug; nothing is missed in this well-designed fan.

    This fan includes a built-in misting kit and comes with all the functions you would expect from a standard outdoor fan. Tilt and oscillate the head, select one of the three speeds, and adjust the height from 40”- 50”.

    Capable of covering a 500 sq. ft. space, this fan produces less power than other models on this list but is one of the cheapest. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    Someone who values sophisticated style, who wants to decorate their outdoor space without spending a lot of money, and who won’t miss a hi-tech model.



    8. Hurricane 660: Best Pedestal Misting Fan

    Hurricane 660

    Part of the Ecojet series by Joape, the Hurricane 660 model, comes in both black or grey shades, ideal for contemporary or urban outdoor spaces.

    This fan is an unobtrusive background presence in your outdoor space with a noise level of 67dB and covers a range of up to 1500 sq. ft., made possible by the 5,885 CFMs

    By using advanced Water Disc Technology, this fan possesses superior misting capabilities. It spreads microscopically fine particles which dissolve when touching the air, almost instantaneously.

    Enjoy the low-maintenance design of this machine. Unlike other fans which require cleaning the pump or checking the nozzles, the Hurricane 660 doesn’t feature either of these components. Instead, it utilizes a specialist design that helps the fan run smoothly over extended periods.

    The water reservoir tank holds 21 gallons of water, allowing you to sit back and relax instead of worrying about its next refill.

    The underside of the base is fitted with wheels for easy maneuverability. If you want a low-maintenance, stylish option, this fan will provide all the features you could want, but it is on the high end of the price point.

    Who Should Get This? 

    With its high-velocity power and outstanding range, this fan is ideal for people with large open outdoor entertaining areas such as a pool or deck.



    If you are looking for versatility, you’ll want to check out the OEMTOOLS high-velocity outdoor fan.

    This fan features a multitude of features and options. Not only is it available in 3 sizes—20”, 24” and 30”—it comes in a wall-mountable or pedestal format. These options also mean you can choose how much you’re willing to spend.

    The 3-speed motor produces 7,200 CFM of airflow, spreading a fine mist.

    The steel body is durable and built for the outdoors. This machine is both water and dust resistant, capable of withstanding external elements.

    The 3 aluminum blades are lightweight and capable of producing strong airflow from the oscillating, tilting head. You can ensure you get the cooling coverage you need with this adaptable fan head.

    Weighing in at 58 lbs. this is a lighter option than other standing fan options on this list. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    This fan is great for buyers who want a basic model, built with versatility and the essential functions, but with no frills and without breaking the bank.



    10. Cyclone 737: Best Wall-Mountable Misting Fan

    Cyclone 737

    If you’re looking for the same benefits offered by other, more expensive models, without the same price tag, you’ll get it with the Cyclone 737. You can purify, cool and humidify the air—all simultaneously—with this Ecojet fan.

    Offered in gray or black, this fan can significantly lower the ambient temperature, reduce outdoor pollutants such as smoke or allergens and adjust the mist level to suit your needs.

    Noise levels are kept low at 67 dB, and the area span coverage is lower than other wall-mountable models at 800 sq. ft., a result of the 1,625 CFMs of power.

    This is a well-sized fan for most outdoor spaces, measuring 23” across and 29” high. Overall, this fan is 36 lbs., making it easy to mount on any wall.

    Enjoy this fan in your outdoor workspace, patio area, or cooking area.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This is a great option for those with limited floor space who want an exceptional fan on a smaller scale with a lower price point.



    11. Tornado 777: Best Outdoor Misting Fan

    Tornado 777

    Like other fans in the Ecojet by Joape series, this fan doesn’t disappoint and utilizes every feature you could imagine.

    The Tornado 777 is a gray wall-mountable outdoor misting fan. This fan comes with the standard features you’d expect from such a premium model, including ultra-fine mist, adjustable mist levels, low maintenance design, and the ability to reduce odors, smoke, and airborne allergens.

    The noise level is slightly higher than other models—though not by much—at 74dB and covers a 3,000 sq. ft. area due to 10,595 CFMs of power.

    Use a standard 110V outlet for this 460W misting fan, and connect the unit to a simple water line for your direct misting supply. 

    Measuring 39” wide and 42” high, and 52 lbs., this fan is bigger than other mountable fans in the range, but this results in more power and coverage.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Great for those who want the ULTIMATE mountable fan for outdoor occasions, who are willing to spend more money to get greater coverage and power.



    Final Verdict: Best Outdoor Misting Fan For Your Money

    Beat the heat and enjoy the great outdoors with a high-powered misting fan. If you want the best in outdoor cooling, the Tornado 777 is the solution you need. 

    This fan offers the area coverage you want and is wall-mountable for greater utilization of your floor space. Possessing unparalleled power and misting capabilities, this fan will cool down your space by up to 20°F and improve the air quality. There is no downside to this fan.