11 Best Indoor Grill Reviews

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    Last Updated on October 21, 2021
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    Indoor grills are an excellent way to bring the smoky taste of grilled meats and vegetables to your table at any time of year. Whether you live in an apartment or simply want the convenience of a home-grilled meal in the middle of winter, indoor grills are convenient and versatile.

    With an indoor grill, you can sear steaks, chicken, kabobs, sausages, and all your other favorite grilled foods. Many indoor models have drip trays that collect the fat and grease, so your meals are leaner and healthier.

    Many of the best indoor grills also reduce the amount of smoke produced, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes or setting off an alarm. With these fantastic grills, you can create deluxe meals from the comfort of your kitchen.

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    The T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill is this editor’s choice. It adapts its grilling cycles to the foods’ thickness so that you can get perfectly even cooks. It’s also simple to track the cooking process with preheating and ready indicator lights as well as audio alerts when your meat reaches different levels of doneness. 

    It comes with six automatic cooking programs for different meats like burgers, sausages, and fish. There’s also a manual mode and an extra setting for dealing with frozen food. Get your hands on the intelligent T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill today.

    Top 11 Best Indoor Grill Reviews

    This is the best indoor kitchen grill available right now, and it stands out from other models because of its unique automatic sensor cooking. 

    It detects the thickness of the meats and the number of items on its surface. Based on these parameters, it adjusts its cooking strength and grill cycles. This process is enhanced by a system that detects when your meat has hit rare, medium, or well-done and emits a series of audible beeps. 

    It also includes six cooking programs and 2 cooking modes. These cover various types of meat and frozen food while also giving you the option to take over manually for more controlled cooking.

    The large juice tray collects any runoff, and the plates are angled at to ensure the grease drips away from your food. 

    The grill is easy to take apart, including its nonstick plates, for fast and easy cleaning. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    This unit is a great fit for everyone. It works for novice grillers who want to let automatic functions take over and for experienced chefs who wish to have manual control.



    For the money, you can’t beat the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor. It’s more affordable than some high-end units while managing to offer competitive performance.

    It can cook up to a temperature of 450°F for quick sears, but you can also cook low and slow for succulent, tender meat. Simply turn the dial and watch as the grill cools down quickly and quietly.

    The hood mimics traditional grills. As a result, you can rely on the unit to trap in heat and offer an even cook. There’s even a window built-in, making it easy to monitor your food’s progress without disrupting the temperature.

    The flavor, while not entirely on par with outside grilling, is very close. But, the advantage of this indoor grill is that you can use it any time, regardless of the weather outside.  

    All the pieces are detachable, including the cover, grill plates, and drip tray, so you can disassemble the whole thing with ease.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Budget-conscious shoppers need look no further. This grill performs well at a reasonable price point and lets you control your cooking to a precise degree



    This unit is a close second to the Opti-Grill. It lacks the intelligent design and automatic functions but compensates by offering a lot of customization and ease of use.

    It has 6 cooking options in 1. Depending on how you set it up, you can use it as a panini press, contact grill, full griddle, half griddle, full grill, half grill, or top melt. Whatever you need to cook, you’ll have a way to do it with this unit. 

    This level of versatility is possible because the plates are removable and reversible. One side has grill marks while the other acts as a flat top griddle.

    The dual-zone temperature control allows you to set different heats for various meats and is capable of going up to 500°F

    When you’re not using this grill, it’s easy to store. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for small kitchens with limited counter space, and the unit can be locked shut to keep the inside free from dust.

    Who Should Get This? 

    If you want the best compact indoor grill which offers versatility and multiple cooking functions, this is the right choice for you. 



    While you may be a bit dissatisfied with the plastic parts of this grill, every other aspect makes it well worth the price. 

    If you have a big family or enjoy cooking for a crowd, you’ll love the extra-large cooking surface. It boasts 90 in2 capable of grilling up 6 servings at once, regardless of if you’re making kabobs or hamburgers. 

    It’s also capable of grilling fast. With the fast heating function and double-sided grill plates, you can create full meals in around 10 minutes. While it cooks, the fat drains away, leaving you with low-calorie, healthy meals.

    Another neat feature was its power and preheat lights. You can tell immediately when it is ready to cook, and when it is heating, preventing accidental burns.

    The grill plates are nonstick, making them great for dealing with savory, juicy meats, and reducing the clean-up time.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Impromptu events and large families can require lots of cooking quickly. This grill is up to the task, and it’s available at a great price point.



    A tasty steak isn’t complete without smoky grill marks. This unit has a high temperature range from warm to extremely hot, so you can sear meat to perfection, making it the best indoor grill for steaks.

    On top of giving food those high-quality, delicious lines, it produces fewer fumes. Using water-cooling technology, it reduces the amount of air particles released.

    Another great feature is the ability to cook by zone. With different areas set to varied temperatures, you can split up food by what needed to be cooked more or less.

    The whole thing disassembles for easy cleaning, and you can run it all through the dishwasher for added convenience. 

    It has a reliable suite of safety features, including cool-touch handles and overheat auto shut-off protection so you can cook without fear of forgetting to shut it off completely. It’s also CETL-approved with built-in safety technology that ensures a long, worry-free lifespan. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    Searing veggies or meats and want those perfect grill marks? Get this grill if high heat and locked-in flavor is what you’re looking for at your next meal.



    Electric models are the grill du jour in the indoor space, and the CUKOR Indoor Grill is one of the best electric grills on the market.

    It features advanced airflow technology, which redirects smoke up and away for healthier indoor air. The thicker grill tray means that food is heated evenly, with another temperature keeping system that keeps everything at consistent levels without eliminating the flavor-filled grease.

    Another impressive feature is the adjustable controls. It’s possible to flip through 5 different heating levels, ranging from 220°F to 450°F, with an LED display indicating the current setting. 

    Because the grill uses double U-shaped heating tubes, it can grill food quickly, giving it a crispy exterior and a soft, tender inside.

    The convenient design offers a splash-proof glass lid that lets you monitor your food without a mess. Best of all, the powerful bottom cooling system means that you can use this unit for long grilling sessions.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Electric models can do it all. This grill is an outstanding electric grill and comes with several outstanding features that can grill your steak to perfection while maintaining healthy indoor air. 



    When you’re trying to choose tools and products for your apartment, saving space is often a high priority. 

    This compact grill is ideally suited to apartment living. It is mounted on its own freestanding table, which allows for easy set-up and helps you to save on valuable counter space. Because it’s electric, you don’t have to worry about propane, charcoal, or dangerous flare-ups.

    Despite its convenient design, it’s still able to serve many people at once. With 240 in2 of circular grilling surface, you can cook up a gourmet meal for family and friends.

    If you don’t need the stand, you can detach it quickly, allowing for quick transfer from its own table to a countertop.

    It uses a temperature probe to gauge heat settings, which works well to get the best results on food. However, our team noticed that the heat rating was inaccurate at times, making it harder to cook evenly and thoroughly. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    Apartments are often low on counter space. This grill tackles both those problems with a safe, freestanding design that will fit into any area.



    This unit is incredibly portable because it features nothing but grill space, granting it compact dimensions that make it a perfect fit on any table.

    Aside from its convenient dimensions, you’ll also enjoy its striking design, meant to remove grease and excess fat from the food you’re cooking. Enjoy flavorful food without a guilty conscience.

    Even if you don’t know what to cook, you can quickly get started with the included recipe sheet, which features multiple ways to prepare seafood, pork, chicken, and more. 

    The 3D heat conduction method ensures that the grill gets hot quickly and evenly disperses the heat throughout the nonstick ceramic grill plate.

    The smart temperature control is a great feature with this grill. Once it hits the desired point, it’ll turn off automatically and only continue to heat as needed to remain at the required maintenance level. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    Compact, portable units will appeal to most people with limited table space. This grill also offers smoke and grease-free grilling for health-conscious home cooks.



    Don’t let rain and storms get in the way of your barbecues with this affordable circular indoor grill.

    Cook meat to your desired temperature by attaching the removable thermostat control, rated for 120V/1,300W. It features 5 adjustable settings up to a temperature of 450°F.

    You’ll also appreciate how easy this grill is to set-up. It comes with an instruction manual that walks you through all the steps while also offering you inspiration for potential dishes to cook. 

    The domed glass lid is similar to a pot lid, allowing you to make food while preventing splashing grease or oil. You can also visually monitor your food to ensure it doesn’t overcook.

    This is all backed up by a robust 1-year warranty policy that means you can use it often, safe in the knowledge that its manufacturer is confident in its quality and durability.

    Who Should Get This? 

    The circular grill plate makes the most of your indoor space so it’s ideal for small kitchens. This unit is crafted with solid features and excellent build quality so it is a worthwhile investment.



    When grilling indoors, smoke is much more likely to accumulate and set off your smoke detectors. That’s why it’s crucial to get a model that can deal with these fumes while still offering top-tier performance. 

    This grill eliminates any smoke using its built-in fans and advanced airflow technology. It even runs at an ultra-quiet noise setting that you’ll barely notice. At the end of a long cook session, you won’t experience any lingering smoke smells, and your eyes won’t water like they sometimes do on outdoor grills.

    You’ll also really like the excellent customer service. If you have questions about using the LED settings and adjusting the temperature, tech support will quickly answer them in a way that makes you feel like a VIP.

    Grill-wise, this unit also excels. It features 1,500W of power, which disperses evenly and quickly across the grill surface, such that you won’t have any trouble achieving chargrilled steaks or crispy vegetables.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Grilling indoors without lots of smoke is essential, but so is having worthwhile meals. This grill can help you do both with ease and convenience. 



    George Foreman is a trusted and well-known brand that has a well-earned reputation for high-quality long-lasting indoor grills. The GRP1060B is an outstanding example of the functionality and build quality you can expect from the brand.

    One great standout is just how fast this unit heats up. It gets to a cooking temperature 33% faster than previous models with improved heating elements. 

    The internal grill plates are easily removed and tossed into the dishwasher between meals, making for a simple clean-up and set-up process each time.

    This 4-serving grill works great to make generous portions for the whole family or as a simple panini press to make delicious solo sandwiches.

    The sloped grill surface drains 42% of the fat in your meals and turns them into light, healthy eats. The 1” adjustable hinge is also very flexible, accomodating a large variety of vegetables and thick cuts of meat.

    Who Should Get This? 

    If you’re looking for a reliable grill with a history of performance, success, and quality, you can’t go wrong with this unit. It easily lives up to its namesake.



    Final Verdict: Best Indoor Grill For Your Money

    The most critical elements for an indoor grill are its temperature range, adjustability, and the total grilling area available. 

    The T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill succeeds in all of these areas. It has a lot of cooking space, and the heat is variable. This is in part due to its automatic sensor cooking technology. It detects the thickness of your meats and the number of items on the grill and then adjusts its heat settings to cook optimally.

    You can customize it even more with 6 cooking programs and two cooking modes. The T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill is the right choice for all of your indoor grilling needs.