The Best Hibachi Grills for 2020

Welcome to this article, hibachi fan! Time to explore the best hibachi grills and see how much sizzle you can get for your buck. Something is appealing about these Westernized “fire bowls” that takes one of the oldest cooking traditions to a whole new level. Of course, it helps that modern technology removes the need for gathering wood, rubbing sticks to light a fire and heavy scrubbing to clean!

Since everyone is more aware of toxic, high-sugar, high-fat and cancer-causing foods these days, the excuse of your health when buying a grill is also perfectly valid.

Today, even a struggling cook can achieve tasty success with the help of simple ignition, temperature monitors and innovative design. Check out the grills below as preparation for your best barbecue yet.


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Why Buy this?

  • Grill up to five burgers at a time
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain heat very well, won’t rust or peel
  • Dampers for easy temperature control inside the grill
  • Durable plated steel cooking grate retains heat and is easy to clean.
  • Dimensions with the lid closed: 17 H x 14.2 W x 14.5 D inches.
  • Suitable for: Cooking for up to five people, anytime, anywhere, often.
Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

How to choose the best Hibachi Grill for your needs

What is your favorite method of grilling? Do you like being able to adjust various aspects of grilling besides temperature? Or do you want to keep things simple and fuss-free? The grills reviewed in the list below are a good variety in shape, design, and size, and are well-rated on Amazon. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a good quality product.

Portability, easy-to-clean, and basic safety measures are also popular standard features included in the models below.

Top 8 Best Hibachi Grills Review

The ISUMER charcoal grill is straightforward and simple, but don’t underestimate the meals you can make on it. Easy to carry around by the carry handles and detachable legs make it possible to rush out the door for a grill picnic at a moment’s notice.

Made of stainless steel, it’s sturdy and won’t rust or twist. You can even take it with you on a backpacking or camping trip. Also, when set up, it doesn’t take up much space at all. It’s equally simple to clean as well because the built-in grid charcoal frame ash catcher lets you remove ash easily and for the rest, some soap and water will do.

Need to adjust the height or balance a little bit? Just use the plastic floor mat that comes with the grill. Control the temperature with adjustable double air vents at both ends of the grill. Try out grilling some skewers, shish kebabs, lamb kebabs, steaks, shrimp, fish, and more for two to five people. It’s like an instant popularity win!

Suitable for: An endless variety of lovely meals for you and a few friends.

Summary of features

  • Convenient carrying handles
  • Excellent air ventilation to maintain even heat
  • Double air vents and ash catcher
  • Assembled size approx. 15.9 x 11 x 8.8 inches
  • Folded size 15 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Accessories included: BBQ housing, grill, coal, fuel grill

Smaller than the other Weber mentioned above, this is yet another great option for grilling on the go. Durable, lightweight, compact, easy to clean and a joy to work with, it’s a food dream in a hot bubble. If you’re not a fan of going camping or fishing, take the Weber to the beach instead!

Grill some shrimp and prawn or a couple of kebabs on the 14-inch diameter cooking space for a fast, hot and healthy seaside lunch. Your cooler with your food will probably be more cumbersome to carry than the Weber! The grill has three aluminum legs and an aluminum ash catcher. The grill is rust-resistant and tough with a porcelain-enameled bowl and lid.

Armed with a Weber, some charcoal and some food, you’ll have a great meal EVERY single time. Just don’t go swimming and leave the food unattended! Control the temperature with the no-rust aluminum vents. Carry it safely without burning your hands, thanks to the 1-glass reinforced nylon handle.

Assemble this little grill in no time. Assemble a memorable meal.

Suitable for: Cooking for up to five people, anytime, anywhere, often.

Summary of features

  • Grill up to five burgers at a time
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain heat very well, won’t rust or peel
  • Dampers for easy temperature control inside the grill
  • Durable plated steel cooking grate retains heat and is easy to clean.
  • Dimensions with the lid closed: 17 H x 14.2 W x 14.5 D inches.

This charcoal grill is a spacious model that comes with handy extras like a frying pan so that you can fry and grill at the same time. This means you can add more variety to your meal, all in one. A great choice of grill for those who like to travel and go camping.

Speaking of travel, the design makes it easy – move it with handles, and fold the whole thing up into a storage bag to save space when you’re storing or packing it in. You don’t have to give up cooking space for portability either, as this grill can cook for groups of five or more. It’s perfect for family gatherings or a meal with friends in a small garden.

To set up, unfold the grill, place the rack, and it’s ready. There are three shelves for easy placement seasoning, or you can use them to hold your grilling utensils and a drink or some snacks. As with most grills, this one is also easy to clean.

Suitable for: Cooking with multiple options, for groups of five or more

Summary of features

  • Comes with a frying pan so you can fry and grill at the same time.
  • Made of stainless steel, solid, high-heat resistant, durable and easy to clean.
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Includes three shelves for placement seasoning
  • Cooking area is 39.4 inches long and 13.2 inches wide with a super long size grill panel.
  • Removable net for easy cleaning.
  • It has two vents to promote faster cooking and even heating
  • You get a charcoal grill, non-stick frying pan, two barbecue nets, two charcoal grids, one basket, and two shelves all inside a handy storage bag.

A compact dream grill, the Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s grill is your perfect companion for picnics, tailgating, camping, or a barbecue on the patio. The practical design features a draft door for heat regulations and a flip-down door for easy coal access. Choose between the two adjustable height settings for extra comfort.

The Lodge brand is old-school, known for 120 years of excellent quality, great design, and lifetime durability. It’s also a family business because grilling is not just about food; it’s about making memories with your family and friends.

A good seasoning makes all the difference, and this one is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. There is no synthetic or chemical coating. The more you grill, the better the seasoning gets. When you eventually give it to your children, they will prize this heirloom with nostalgia and a good appetite.

Use over any heat source — Cook several whole fish or some steaks and burgers. There’s enough space on the grill to feed a small party and when you’re finished, clean with some water (mild soap is optional) and dry immediately with a paper towel or lint-free cloth.

Suitable for: Cooking for about 6-8 people, depending on the appetites! No-fuss family grillers.

Summary of features

  • Easy to clean
  • Seasoned and ready to use
  • Made of cast-iron, perfect for searing
  • Superior heat retention uses charcoal efficiently
  • The size is ideal for just about any setting
  • Top-quality American craftsmanship for decades of cooking

Aptly named, this grill might as well become part of you, it’s so easy to take it anywhere. Pop it in the trunk of your car, take your best friend on a fishing or camping trip, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. It’s like taking the taste of home along with you.

Lock the lid for easy carrying, and you’ll find that its rectangular shape makes for easy packing along with your other gear. For its small-looking size, the grill can pack an impressive amount of food, about four medium steaks, on a 160 square inch cooking area. You can also hang the lid on the side of the grill using the built-in lid hangers for a handy wind barrier.

Just wipe the triple-nickel-coated steel grate after cooking. The porcelain-enameled steel lid and cooking box are made of durable material and retain heat very well. It will never rust or peel, unlike some cheaper grills.

Suitable for: Cooking for six to eight people, just about anywhere. Take the taste of home with you. 

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Summary of features

  • Grill up to six burgers
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and base retain heat, and won’t rust or peel
  • Locking lid for practical portability
  • Dampers for easy temperature control inside
  • Durable plated steel cooking grate retains heat and is easy to clean.
  • 160 square inch cooking area

This little round charcoal hibachi grill is a popular choice, ready for cooking straight away. Made with pre-seasoned cast iron, it measures 15 inches in diameter and is 8 inches high. What does that mean for lunch?

It means you can grill up to nine 4-inch burgers or two spatchcock chickens or two steaks. Perfect for small to medium group parties. Easy to take along on a camping trip, it only weighs 40 pounds. Think of it: you could wake up in the morning and get the charcoal ready while you make some coffee. By the time you’ve finished drinking it, your meal will be hot, juicy and ready.

It’s your essential camping friend, robust, reliable and built to last. The only sounds it makes when it talks back is a comforting sizzle. There’s nothing like the smell of grilled bacon, sausage, or steak. Add toasted cheese, and you’re in paradise. Take it along on your next fishing trip for good company and be sure to thank yourself once you’re enjoying grilling your catch!

Suitable for: Cooking for small groups on camping trips, picnics, beach parties, and fun family meals

Summary of features

  • Ideal for camping and small gatherings
  • 15 inches of cooking space
  • Pre-seasoned to perfection and ready for use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and compact for traveling

Larger and a slightly different design than the other ISUMER mentioned above, the grill is more spacious and well-suited to cooking kebabs. The legs fold away for easy portability and storage. You can also easily adjust the height of the grill to suit you.

The entire grill is made of high-quality stainless steel, cast with precision and care. It comes with two alloy seasoning plates and enough space to cook plenty of food for up to 15 people. This ISUMER grill also includes a non-stick square roasting pan made of refined iron that can take the heat, no problem. This accessory is handy for steaks, chicken breasts, pancakes, fish and searing. You can also use one side of the grill for grilling and the other side as a griddle.

Adjust the temperature to perfection using the air vents on both sides of the grill. Use the storage rack to hold your vegetables, more meat for the second round, or your grilling tools and snacks. The built-in grid charcoal frame ash catcher makes it easy to get rid of the ash when you’re done grilling.

Suitable for: Grilling a large amount of food for up to 15 people – a party to remember!

Summary of features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable air vents on both sides for heat control
  • Includes non-stick roasting pan
  • Two alloy seasoning plates
  • Storage rack to hold your extra meat
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable ash catcher
  • Large cooking space
  • Uniquely suited for grilling kebabs

This is the last review, and it’s an especially unique one because this Grillerette Pro grill has a few surprises in store for your next cookout. It’s super lightweight at less than 8 pounds and comes with a handy storage bag.

When you set this grill up, you’ll find surprise number one:

A cute battery-powered fan that helps the charcoal light faster and keeps it hotter for as long as you need it. It even has a speed control to help you set the temperature as high as 450 degrees!

Cooking with charcoal ensures your food gets the lovely hint of smoky flavor. While you’re watching the magic happen, you’ll notice how the grill plate evenly distributes the heat and neatly prevents grease from spilling onto the charcoal. Fill the grease pan underneath with water for the next surprise:

Reduce smoke by up to 90% thanks to the design of the grill plate!

The grease pan and grill plate are both easy to clean once you’ve finished enjoying your meal. The base of the grill has handles that are safe to touch when you need to move it while cooking.

The Grillerette may look small, but it has a fair-sized cooking surface, enough for making plenty of food quickly. It’s a little dream grill, perfect for cooking on the patio, tailgating, grilling at the beach or just about anywhere else that comes to mind.

Suitable for: Those who’d like that extra little twist to their grilling equipment for fun.

Summary of features

  • Portable and lightweight at less than 8 lbs.
  • Large cooking surface
  • A very versatile grill, you can cook almost anything with it
  • Grill plate distributes heat evenly and keeps grease from dripping on charcoal
  • Grease plate reduces smoke by up to 90% and is easy to clean
  • Heats up to 450 degrees, hotter than most other portable grills
  • A battery-powered fan helps the charcoal light faster and stay otter for as long as you need (batteries not included)
  • Optional accessories kit available with a basting brush, tongs, separate grill for indirect grilling and a lid with temperature monitor

Final Thoughts on Buying a Hibachi grill

Whatever your fuel preference, buying a Hibachi grill is always a good idea. It’s a fast, economical and efficient way to cook just about anywhere, plus it’s certainly healthier, too. There are no cons unless you’re buying a poorly rated product that falls apart before you’ve even tried it out.

Don’t hesitate. It’s not a matter of whether to buy a grill. Instead, it’s a question of which one to buy, depending on your needs and budget. People have been grilling, barbecuing and searing for millennia – so it’s not an exaggeration to say having a good grill is essential for life. You can’t live by bread alone, right?

As the bear in Jungle Book says, “it’s all about the bare necessities of life.” Food, water, clothes and a darn good Hibachi grill! Get yours today. You’re going to love it forever.

Speaking of necessities, if your planning to use a hibachi grill, you’ll need to have the required accessories with it, like having a good pair of cooking gloves and even an excellent recipe book to get you started.