5 Best Grill Brush That You Can Buy Today

Are the stubborn stains and grime on your grill putting you off from barbequing?

With the right grill brush, you can kiss all of that stubborn and accumulated grill dirt goodbye!

The best grill brush is one that makes your next grill cleaning exercise a breeze, and one that is simple to handle. The brush design also must be durable so that it doesn’t leave behind harmful brush bristles in your grill.

In A Rush? Check Out Our Top Choice

 If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to peruse all of our reviews, our top choice is the Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush!

It is our choice because it meets all our requirements, thanks to its rust-resistant, stainless-steel design, and ergonomic handle.

But the Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush isn’t the only effective barbecue brush out there. Before delving into our other top choices, let’s take a look at what you need to check out during your search for the best grill brush for your unique needs.

Kona 360° Clean

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You’ll find various types of grill brushes from numerous brands on the market. The wide variety of choices can make selecting the right one for your needs a bit confusing.

There’s actually a lot to consider. For example, do you need a grill brush for a cast-iron or stainless-steel grill grate or one that’s ceramic-coated?

You can clean cast iron with almost any type of grill brush, but porcelain or ceramic-coated grill grates require a softer touch. Scrapers or wire bristle brushes on porcelain or ceramic can damage it.

Simply put, your brush type must be compatible with your grill.

To make finding the right brush more straightforward, start by considering what type of brush will best match your grill and the kind of grime you’ll be tackling. Read on for some other features to consider:


The higher the quality of your brush, the less you have to worry about wear and tear showing after just a few uses.

Most grill brushes comprise stainless steel, wood, or brass. Each material has its unique upsides and shortfalls, which we’ve described to help you decide what material will work best for you:

  • Stainless Steel: This material is a common choice among manufacturers and buyers because of its durability. It’s prone to less wear and tear and can serve you for years. It can dig deep into stubborn grime and scrape it out with ease, making it ideal for grill-cleaning aficionados and first-timers alike.
  • Brass: Brass is the second-best choice for durability. But brass brushes are generally not as rust-resistant as stainless steel, neither are they as resilient in the face of frequent use.
  • Wood: If you don’t do a lot of grilling, wood is a good option. Depending on the quality of the material, a wooden grill brush can be quite durable and effective. Plus, you don’t have to worry about rust. But, it’s not as suitable as a stainless-steel option for commercial use.

Brush Design

The brush on a grill scrubber generally is made from one of three materials – mesh, bristles, or a coil. Coiled bristle brushes offer better, safer cleaning than bristle brushes because standard bristle brushes tend to shed, which can present a health hazard.

If you do choose a bristle brush, the quality of the bristles is crucial to its safety. Grill brushes with poorly designed bristles shed their bristles into the grill. The bristles then can end up in your food – and ingesting them is dangerous, especially if they are metal or wire bristles.

For your and your guests’ safety, be sure to choose a grill brush with tough bristles that don’t fall out easily. An effective way to identify this is by checking what other customers’ reviews say.

Regardless of how tough the bristles on a grill brush are, we recommend that you stay on the safe side and inspect your grill for bristles before firing it up again. This practice will ensure that there are no loose bristles on the grill that could end up in your food.

Mesh brushes aren’t that common and are better suited for dealing with less-stubborn grill grime.

For optimal safety, choose a grill scrubber with no plastic in its bristles and whose bristles are weaved as tightly as possible. Stiffer, tighter bristles imply more exceptional durability and cleaning effectiveness.

Easy Storage

When you aren’t using your grill brush, it should be easy to store until the next time you need it. We recommend choosing a brush that comes with a loop, hook, or other feature that lets you conveniently hang it up until its next use.

Long Handle

Ever tried cleaning a grill with a short-handled brush?

If so, you probably know that you’re likely to graze your knuckles more times than you’d like. Using a short handle brush is even more dangerous when you are cleaning a hot grill as there’s a high risk of getting burned.

For convenience and safety, choose a brush with a long, ergonomic handle. It will provide a comfortable grip and let you do your cleaning without worrying about your safety.

The best grill brushes are at least 18 inches long. That length puts enough space between your hand and the business end of the brush to prevent accidents.

Integrated Scraper

Now and then, you’ll need a scraper to remove super-stubborn grime from your grill. You could buy a scraper separately, or better yet, choose a grill brush that comes with an integrated scraper, like the GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper.

Brushes with integrated scrapers typically cost a bit more, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you use your grill commercially or do a lot of grilling at home.


Neither the most expensive nor the cheapest grill brush is always the best option. More affordable options typically comprise lower-quality materials that are less durable and versatile.

Shop wisely and choose a brush that offers all of the features you need without exceeding your budget.

Top 5 Best Grill Brushes

Bristle grill brushes get a bad rep for leaving behind bristles on the grate. Ingesting these bristles, especially steel ones, can cause you great harm. The quandary is that stainless steel bristle brushes are some of the most effective for cleaning all types and parts of a grill.

The Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush provides an excellent solution by delivering a brush that offers all of the benefits of a steel brush with minimal downsides. Yes, the bristles still can fall off, but not as much as they do with a typical grill brush – especially if you use the Kona 360° correctly.

The Kona 360 also is our overall favorite grill brush because of its sizeable three-in-one brush head, which covers a wide surface area, making it easy to clean your grill quickly.

The design of the bristles also ensures that this brush can effectively clean all corners of most grills, regardless of the grate design.

There are no compromises when it comes to the scraping power of this stainless-steel brush, but unlike most other brushes, the Kona 360° can clean delicate porcelain grills without damaging them, too.

And to ensure durability, the bristles are rust-resistant and fitted tightly to minimize the risk of bristle fallout. What’s more, this brush is backed by a remarkable five-year warranty that ensures you get your money back if you’re not satisfied with it.

For your convenience, the Kona 360° has an 18-inch ergonomic handle that’s easy to hold and can apply sufficient pressure.

Simply put, the overall quality of the Kona 360° is impressive, and it comes at a fair price of about $17, making it a great choice if you are looking for a top-quality grill brush.

Key Features:

  • Stainless-steel bristles
  • 18-inch ergonomic, weather-resistant handle
  • Three-in-one brush design
  • Lightweight build
  • Five-year warranty


  • Suitable for all grill types, including porcelain, stainless steel, and infrared
  • Long-lasting, effective stainless-steel bristles
  • Long handle with a comfortable grip
  • Comes with an impressive five-year warranty
  • Its triple brush design lets you clean large grills faster
  • Rust-proof and uber-strong construction


  • Bristles eventually start to fall off

If you are looking for a highly-rated GRILLART grill brush with a scraper, this is a great choice.

It’s quite similar to the Kona 360, with a three-in-one design that makes cleaning faster. But it takes things a step further by featuring a built-in scraper for tackling extra-stubborn gunk on your grill.

The combination stainless-steel brush and scraper makes this GRILLART brush a great choice if you do a lot of barbecuing at home. And it’s priced similar to that of the Kona 360°.

So, why is the Kona 360° and not the GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper our overall best grill brush?

The Kona 360 is our overall best because, compared to the GRILLART, there are fewer complaints from customers about its stainless-steel bristles falling out. While using the GRILLART, we also noticed that the positioning of the scraper tends to impede cleaning the corners of your grill.

Nonetheless, the bristles on the GRILLART are stiff and tightly woven, so it’s still a reliable grill brush, as long as you use it properly. And the fact that it comes with its own scraper makes it a great buy at its price.

Because if this brush’s design, it’s great for cleaning Tabletop Grills. Want to know the grills this brush is suited for? Know more Here

Key Features:

  • Stainless-steel bristles
  • 18-inch handle
  • Three-in-one brush design
  • Attached scraper


  • Suitable for cleaning gas, charcoal, porcelain, infrared, and other grill types
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Ideal for tough, accumulated grill gunk
  • Tightly woven bristles for durability and deep-cleaning power
  • Robust, ergonomic handle lets you comfortably apply suitable pressure while cleaning
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Suitable for smaller and square grills
  • The scraper extends beyond the brush, making cleaning grill corners a bit tedious

Are you looking to spend as little as possible for a top-notch grill brush? If so, the Alpha Grillers Grill Brush is a great choice!

For about $10, you’ll get a highly-rated product that’s capable of handling accumulated gunk on dirty grates. Like the Kona 360° and GRILLART brushes, this model has stainless-steel bristles on a three-headed brush attached to an ergonomic, 18-inch handle.

The long handle lets you scrub as hard as you want without worrying about it bending or snapping. Plus, it keeps your hands far from the hot grill, preventing possible burns, bruises, and other injuries.

The bristles on this high-quality, budget-friendly brush are rust-resistant and sturdy enough for heavy-duty use without damaging the non-stick coating of your grill. It also works well on porcelain grill-tops, and it can reach all corners of your grill without impeding your movement, thus speeding your clean-ups.

Key Features:

  • Triple-head brush
  • Stainless-steel bristles
  • 18-inch, ergonomic handle
  • One-year money-back guarantee


  • Safe for porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, and other grate types
  • Covers more surface area for faster cleaning
  • Rust-resistant bristles
  • Durable and reliable


  • The warranty isn’t as long as others on our list
  • Not as rust-resistant as the GRILLART or Kona

Are you unwilling to take the chance of accidentally getting fallen brush bristles in your food?

If you’re altogether opposed to a bristle brush, your best choice is a bristle-free grill scrubber, and we found the Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush to be one of the best options on the market today!

Even though it doesn’t come with a scraper, the Kona Safe design can tackle tough gunk when you use it properly. Instead of a bristle brush, it features a wide and tightly woven spiral of metal at the top for scraping hard, old, accumulated gunk off of your grill grate.

Because of the design of the brush head, however, it’s not suitable for all grill types, especially those with intricate grate patterns. It also struggles to clean the corners of your grill.

As long as your grill has a stainless-steel, ceramic, or porcelain grate, arranged in a straight line – with no curves or bends – this brush will serve you well.

It might take a bit of learning to use the brush effectively, but it’s worth never again finding bristles in your grill or on your food.

For your comfort and safety, its long handle also is convenient and robust.

Key Features:

  • 18-inch handle
  • Bristle-free, rigid-woven, steel wires for scrubbing
  • Five-year warranty
  • Porcelain-safe
  • Rust-proof


  • Broad head for cleaning large surface areas more quickly
  • Bristle-free design for your protection
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safe to use on any type of straight grill-grate surface
  • Convenient metal hook for storage
  • Risk-free purchase, thanks to its five-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Tough on all kinds of grill dirt and grime


  • Effective cleaning requires strictly following the provided instructions
  • Material can rust if not properly maintained
  • Reaching grill corners is difficult with this brush

Like the Kona Safe, the GRILLART Bristle-Free grill brush has no bristles. Instead, it features a steel-wool mesh brush for cleaning your grill. The brush is sturdy yet flexible enough to reach all corners of most types of grills.

This bristle-free grill brush takes things a step further by including an attached scraper. With this model, you can easily tackle caked-on grime, then use the scrubber for the final cleaning. The scraper also is perfectly positioned to ensure it doesn’t interfere when you’re using the scrubber.

The brush is available at a reasonable price and comes with a standard 18-inch handle for a convenient clean. The long handle also keeps your hands out of harm’s way while you’re scrubbing and scraping.

This GRILLART model is suitable for most types of grills but doesn’t work well on grills with a mesh design.

Key Features:

  • Bristle-free design
  • Steel-wool, mesh brush
  • Comes with an attached scraper
  • 18-inch plastic handle


  • Works well on gas, charcoal, porcelain, and infrared grills
  • Its mesh design ensures that you don’t have to worry about finding bristles in your food
  • The attached scraper is sturdy and ideal for stubborn gunk
  • Comes with a three-year “No-Hassle” warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • Doesn’t work well on mesh grates
  • The mesh can rust if you don’t maintain it properly
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Final Verdict: Best Grill Brush For Your Money

Kona 360° Clean
Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush, 18”

The cleaner your grill is, the more you can enjoy the genuine flavors of your barbecued burgers, meat, fish, vegetables, and more. By using the best grill brush, you can get rid of grill grime and gunk that was previously impossible to clean.

Plus, you can clean safely and with fewer worries about ending up with brush bristles in your belly.

Based on our experience and reviews from customers, the Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush offers the best value for money and is super effective at getting rid of all types of dirt on all kinds of grills. Just think of any grill or smoker brand like Masterbuilt Electric Smokers, Weber Grills and many more. This brush can handle them. As long as you follow the instructions regarding use and maintenance, you can look forward to enjoying it for years to come. Get yours today!