13 Best Cold Smoker Reviews

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    Last Updated on October 21, 2021
    Best Cold Smoker

    Many benefits come from the age-old art of cold smoking. Not only does it produce great-tasting food, but it’s also a GENTLE FORM of smoking that extends shelf-life and works well with foods you don’t need to cook. Sadly, I’ve only known about cold smoking for the last few years. Sure, I had seen various smoked goods in the store and enjoyed them regularly; I just didn’t put two-and-two together. But once I found you could produce cold-smoked items at home… the fun began.

    So, because of my love of all things smoked, I delved into the market of cold smokers, determined to find the best Cold Smoker so that you can begin your smoker journey.

    Top 13 Best Cold Smoker Reviews

    The Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet is the Ultimate piece of cold smoking equipment.

    Add this cabinet to your preexisting country smoker or Louisiana Grills piece, so you’re able to create delicious cold-smoked food. Just by adding this cabinet, you’ll expand your cooking options.

    This item doesn’t just smoke; it cures too. Cheese, various meats, and fish are perfect for your Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet.

    Featuring 5 stainless steel racks, this cabinet provides 1,396 square inches of cooking space. Because of the high and low positioned thermometers, you’re able to monitor your smoker with precision.

    Every detail has been considered with this cabinet. The damper—positioned between the main grill and the smoke cabinet—regulates the airflow from the main grill, and the magnetic latch means you get a secure latch every time.

    This smoker cabinet has a higher price point but is an excellent piece for someone serious about their smoked goods.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This smoker cabinet is an excellent choice for people who love their smoked food and want to invest in a permanent piece of equipment made for their preexisting grill.



    The LANNEY Pellet Smoker Tube is a versatile piece of smoking equipment.

    Made from 304 stainless steel, a durable metal, everything about this tube is made with functionality in mind. The extra-large density diffusion holes allow air in, then evenly diffuse the smoke throughout the tube. 

    It’s hexagonal perforated shape further emphasizes this efficiency, ensuring the pellets burn consistently and enduringly, and the tube will not roll at any point during the smoking process.

    Use any kind of pellet—apple, pecan, mesquite, cherry, hickory—based on your taste preference. Wood chips can also be used.

    This Smoker tube is compatible with different foods: burgers, pork, hot dogs, sausages, cheese, nuts, bacon, corn, and vegetables. Because of the versatility of this tube, you won’t run out of items to smoke.

    Capable of working with any kind of grill—gas, charcoal, pellet and electric— no matter the size or make, this smoker will fit into your preexisting grilling setup.

    Who Should Get This? 

    An excellent item for those who want to expand on their current grilling setup and want an affordable item emphasizing functionality and efficiency.



    3. Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G.: Best Cold Smoke Generator

    The Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. Cold Smoke Generator can perform both cold and hot smoking and allow you to create a CUSTOM smoker.

    Made from durable heavy-gauge precision-machined aluminum, this generator will provide reliable smoking for years to come.

    This set includes all the components you’d need for a successful smoking experience: cold smoker body, threaded outlet tube, spring baffles, shoot across tube with hose, top/bottom cap, an adjustable air pump, and stainless steel cleaning brush.

    This generator is convenient for any kind of setup. Attach the air pump to your pre-existing unit—your grill or smoker—and let the Smoke Daddy go to work; operate it with any kind of temperature, and feel comfortable leaving it to smoke unattended overnight.

    This generator will offer 3-4 hours of smoking time on a single fill. It also features a high output adjustable air pump to ensure a constant air supply for bigger wood chips.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This generator is perfect if you’re a smoking enthusiast who knows you’ll need a serious piece of equipment to last for years, and you’re okay spending a few more dollars.



    4. RealCook Cold Smoke Generator: Best Slow-burning Cold Smoker

    The RealCook Cold Smoke Generator is a useful addition to any BBQ grill or smoker.

    Choose from two sizes—the 8” or the 13”—depending on your smoking needs. If you need a moderately-sized smoker, then the 8” will be enough.

    This steel generator is portable thanks to its two handles and will work with any kind of wood sawdust—cherry, oak, mesquite, apple, hickory, pecan—whatever your preference.

    This generator’s unique spiral design ensures slow and low smoking, saves space within the grill and is capable of providing between 4-7 hours of smoking time.

    Choose from your favorite food items; ribs, pork, cheese, fish, turkey—and enjoy the delectable results.

    Light your choice of wood dust with a kitchen blowtorch, allow it to burn for 15 minutes, and then gently blow out the flame. This begins the smoking process. If you lift the grill lid every-now -and-then you’ll aid the smoking process by introducing new oxygen.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This cold smoker is perfect for those who want to add a smoker to their current grill, who want an affordable option with long-lasting smoking results.



    The SlowSmoke Smoker Box from Charcoal Companion is a wonderful piece, utilizing a simple design.

    Don’t let the simplicity of this design fool you; this smoker is built for durability and great results. The stainless steel construction ensures this smoker will last and remain in top-notch condition no matter how much it’s used.

    This box can be used with any kind of grill. To start the process, you just need to load the box tray with your wood pellets or chunks of choice. Feel free to select any kind of chip or pellet: hickory, applewood, mesquite, cherrywood, etc. Then, position a fire started under one end of the box to begin smoking.

    The evenly-spaced ventilation holes enable constant smoke distribution throughout the box, resulting in a smoking time of around 2 hours.

    Measuring 10” x 3” x 2”, this is a well-sized box without being too large and wouldn’t take up excessive space on a grill.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Perfect for people who want an affordable, solidly-constructed smoking box to add to their grill. A great item for someone who wants a basic smoker built to last.



    6. Cave Tools Pellet Tube: Best Pellet Cold Smoker

    The Cave Tools Pellet Tube Smoker is designed to work with any smoker or grill and imparts a delicious smoky flavor. This pellet tube will also double as a hot smoker, adding versatility to this item.

    The tube is made from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and strength, and features horizontal holes to distribute smoke throughout the chamber evenly.

    Use this smoking tube to smoke any of your favorite foods: fish, sausages, pork, bacon, cheese, nuts, salmon, ribs, etc. Whatever you crave, the Cave Tools Pellet Tube will turn these items into delicious smoky morsels.

    The Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue Recipe Book, complete with 25 tasty professional BBQ recipes, is also included with this pellet tube.

    This Cold Smoker comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, always a great sign and confidence booster. If you aren’t 100% HAPPY with your Cave Tools Pellet Tube, you can return it for a full refund.

    Who Should Get This? 

    This pellet smoker would be an excellent choice for people who have a grill or smoker and simply want a cheap addition for their preexisting grilling setup.



    7. MITBAK Handheld Cold Smoking Gun: Best Home Cold Smoker

    The MITBAK portable handheld cold smoking gun is a complete set for your cold smoking needs. This set includes everything you’d need for delicious smoked goods: smoking gun, tube, wood chips, and a specially-designed dome lid.

    This cold smoker works with a Lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable, long-lasting, and capable of producing consistent, high-energy power. 

    Choose from the three smoking speeds—low, medium, or high—matching it to whatever the task at hand.

    This is a great smoker for ALL your favorite foods: cheese, vegetables, chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, or even an alcoholic beverage. Feel free to get creative with the smoke items since this smoker will deliver great smoking results every time.

    The transparent dome allows for easy monitoring, and the portable gun style means you can smoke in the comfort of your own home without having to wander outside. This portable style adds convenience to an already user-friendly piece.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Perfect for those who want the best electric cold smoker, who don’t have access to a grill or smoker, who may have limited outdoor space and need indoor equipment.



    8. Kaven Handheld Smoking Gun: Best Small Cold Smoker

    The Kaven Handheld Smoking Gun is another quality piece of smoking equipment

    The infusion smoker on this model is solid, compact, and isn’t at risk of being knocked over like other gun types. The box shape allows for practical, safe use and—its alloy composition—makes it strong.  

    The smoker body has been designed for functionality. It is easy to clean, features a battery cooling window, and the heat dissipation design blocks any heat from the fuel tank, producing excellent cold smoking results.

    This smoker runs at a low 40 dBa, without vibration; it is lightweight—only 0.24 kg—and measures 3.5” x 3.5” x  2”. With these specs, it’s clear to see this is a portable option.

    Place your preferred wood chips in the infusion smoker; choose from mesquite, cherrywood, applewood, hickory, or even herbs or teas.

    This Smoking Gun produces superior results with meats, seafood, fish, vegetables, nuts, cheese, beverages, or cocktails; all your favorites. 

    Who Should Get This? 

    This smoker box will suit those who don’t have access to a grill—maybe those who live in an apartment—and need a small, affordable indoor piece. 



    9. Breville Smoking Gun: Best Battery Operated Cold Smoker

    The Breville Smoking Gun is a great mid-priced cold smoker for the beginner and the experienced.

    This kitchen tool helps you produce smokehouse flavors in your very own kitchen without the need for any additional grilling equipment.

    The Smoking Gun features a cold smoke system, which is gentle on your food and capable of subtle smoky flavor. The dual-speed control can adjust the smoke strength.

    Designed for practicality, the removable burn chamber allows for easy wood chip insertion and is dishwasher safe; and the base provides a sturdy, stable platform while in use.

    The 17.5” silicone extender hose can be removed from the gun and used to “spray” a smoky mist over food or can be joined with a smoking dome—not included with purchase—for added functionality.

    Your purchase of this smoker gun comes with a .5-ounce container of hickory and applewood chips, but a variety of burning material can be used in the burn chamber, even herbs, spices, or dried flowers.

    Who Should Get This? 

    It is perfect for people who don’t want to leave their kitchen’s comfort to get sensational smoking results and don’t mind paying a little more for this portable option.



    10. A-MAZE-N Maze Pellet Smoker: Best Grill-compatible Cold Smoker

    The A-MAZE-N Maze Pellet Smoker is a great option suitable for a variety of situations.

    The lightweight, portable size5” x 8”—makes it compatible with virtually any grill and a valid choice for campsite cooking. Feel free to take this Pellet Smoker wherever you go to grill!  

    Made from resilient, high-quality stainless steel and spattered with equally-spaced small holes, this Pellet Smoker will provide long-lasting, efficient results.    

    Use this versatile Pellet Smoker with any of your favorite foods: nuts, meats, cheese, fish, etc. There isn’t a limit to what you can smoke with this item, so let your taste buds lead the way!

    This Pellet Smoker is capable of operating for up to 12 hours before requiring a refill, making it a fantastic long-lasting, low-maintenance option. It can also be used with various wood chips, although the type of wood chips you choose can influence the operational period.

    Who Should Get This? 

    Anyone who requires a portable cold smoker for tailgating and campsites and needs a smoker compatible with any type of grill.



    11. Smokemeister BBQ Smokers: Best Stainless Steel Cold Smoker

    The Smokemeister BBQ Smoker allows you to convert a grill into a cold pellet smoker. 

    This all-in-one unit is made from 304 stainless steel—a classic choice for durability—and painted black.

    Capable of producing smoke for up to 8 hours on one fill, this is a great convenience feature. The container can hold 4 cups of wood pellets, chips, or chunks and has a large 4” diameter opening.

    You don’t need grill space with the Smokemeister smoker; it connects to your covered grill—or other smoking equipment, like a smokehouse, etc. You also don’t need any power or an air pump with this smoker, making it a simple addition to your grilling set up.

    This smoker self cleans. To clean, just open both lids and pour 1 cup of pellets into the smoker, light from the underneath, let them burn out—and when cool—simply brush out any residue.

    Included with your Smokemeister purchase is 2 cups of food-grade wood pellets.

    Who Should Get This? 

    It is great for people who frequently use a smoker who want to invest in a quality piece that doesn’t reduce grill space but offers excellent results and convenience.



    12. iRuiZhe Combo Pellet Tubes: Best Cold Smoker Set

    The iRuiZhe Combo Pellet Smoker Tubes offer you multiple smoking options for your outdoor grill or smoker.

    Experience the benefits of two different Smoker Tube styles: a 12” hexagonal tube and a 6” square tube. Both are constructed from premium quality 304 stainless steel, an absolute must for long-lasting equipment.

    Instead of using a circular smoker tube, which can be prone to rolling on the grill grate, a square or hexagonal tube comes with practical benefits. Neither of these will move on your grill; the design makes it impossible, so wherever you put it is where it stays.

    Designed to work with any kind of grill or smokercharcoal, gas, or electric smoker—these tubes are easy to use and will provide optimal smoking performance anywhere on your grill.

    You can expect the 12” smoker tube to produce smoke for up to four hours and the 6” tube to last for around two. 

    Also included with your purchase are 2 S shape hooks and a cleaning brush.

    Who Should Get This? 

    These smoker tubes are great for those who already have a grill or smoker, need more than one smoker, and want an affordable, practically-designed option.



    13. Cookshack Cold Smoke Baffle: Best Cold Smoke Baffle

    The Cookshack Cold Smoke Baffle is a simple-looking item made to use specifically with Cookshack smokers, models SM025, SM045, and SM066. Even though Cookshack smokers are hot-smokers, the Cold Smoke Baffles transforms your smoker, so it’s capable of functioning without heat.

    Made from hard-wearing stainless steel, measuring 18” x 14”, and weighing 8 lbs. this is a different style from the typical smoker tube. The flat design enables the Baffle to slot into the lowest slot of the smoker’s side rack.

    When you place this Baffle in your Cookshack smoker, all heat is blocked, allowing you to produce quality smoked pieces WITHOUT heat.

    Use the Cold Smoke Baffle to infuse your most-loved foods with a rich smoky flavor. This Baffle is compatible with an assortment of food: vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, or even spices.

    This is an affordable option in terms of price, yet it isn’t one of the cheapest.

    Who Should Get This? 

    It is perfect for those who already possess a Cookshack smoker or who intend to purchase one. It’s also a good choice for those who want to use a smoker instead of a grill.



    Final Verdict: Best Cold Smoker For Your Money

    If you’re a serious cold-smoker and want a piece of equipment dedicated only to this purpose, the Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet is my number one pick. This piece is built with the user in mind, with efficient construction and various features. 

    The 1,396 square inches of internal space allows you to place all your favorite food items in this cabinet, line them up on the stainless steel racks and let the cabinet work its magic.