Best BBQ Gloves Reviewed and Rated (2022)

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    Last Updated on January 17, 2022

    Do you want some good barbecue?

    Well, you can’t make a good barbecue without a hot grill. And if you aren’t careful, you could end up barbecuing your arm along with your food. Fortunately, you can easily avoid such dangers by wearing the right BBQ gloves.

    The best BBQ gloves are heat-resistant and long enough to protect the parts of your arm that are vulnerable to a grill’s heat. Also, they are comfortable enough to wear for the duration of your grilling and don’t impede your ability to handle food and cooking utensils.

    How to Pick the Perfect BBQ Gloves for Your Needs ​

    BBQ gloves are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. The right one for you will depend on your unique purposes for them. For instance, gloves that are suitable for home use might be inadequate for commercial use.

    At the very least, the best barbecue gloves for your needs should provide the following features:


    When you’re grilling, you probably do a fair amount of cutting and turning your meat, fish, or vegetables, handling the grill, and the like. If your BBQ gloves are too thick, you won’t be able to do any of this well – and being clumsy when using a hot grill can easily lead to accidents.

    The problem is, thicker gloves are more heat-resistant. So, the best BBQ gloves for you will be ones that aren’t so thick that they sacrifice dexterity for heat protection. That said, if your kind of barbequing is going to require moving burning logs by hand, you might have to sacrifice dexterity for maximum heat protection.

    High-Quality Materials

    The type of materials used to create a BBQ glove goes a long way in determining the glove’s overall quality and durability. Some gloves are made with leather, others with silicone or a variety of other materials. Each option has its pros and cons:

    • Leather: Leather BBQ gloves are some of the most expensive on the market. They are heat-resistant enough for handling hot utensils, and they are quite comfortable. The major downside is that they can be challenging to clean and require maintenance.
    • Synthetic: If you plan to do more deep-frying than high-flame grilling, synthetic material gloves might be the best option for you. They typically comprise neoprene or silicone and have a cotton or polyester inner layer for comfort. They might not offer the best heat protection, but they usually are affordable and easy to clean.
    • 100 Percent Silicone: These are a popular choice among BBQ glove manufacturers and buyers for their heat resistance and ease of cleaning.
    • Kevlar or Nomex-Based Fabric: These types of gloves offer high levels of heat resistance without sacrificing comfort and dexterity. You can wear them to move hot coals or burning logs, so you can use them for your grill at home or commercially. Cleaning also is easy.

    Cuff Length

    The best BBQ gloves offer protection from the tip of your fingers to beyond your wrist. The longer a glove, the more protection it can provide.

    If you are working a small grill, the cuffs on your BBQ gloves should be at least as long as gauntlets, which typically are 4.5 inches and easy to remove. If you are working a big, open-flame grill, however, your gloves should go up as far as your elbows for optimal protection.

    Simply put, the right cuff length for you will depend on the type of grill you typically use and what sort of cooking you have in mind.


    You might be willing to forego comfort in a BBQ glove if you only grill occasionally and for short periods at a time. But if you do a lot of grilling for long hours at a time, comfortable gloves are essential.

    Comfortable BBQ gloves aren’t merely comfortable to WEAR, but also are comfortable to USE, especially when handling food or utensils. That said, comfort must not come at the price of compromising the safety of your gloves.

    Easy Cleaning

    Some gloves, including silicone ones, require a simple soap and rinse to clean. Some are even dishwasher-friendly. Other gloves, such as leather ones, are tedious to clean and require that you follow special instructions to avoid damaging them.

    For your convenience and the sake of hygiene, always choose BBQ gloves that are easy to clean and maintain. The cleaner your gloves, the more comfortable you’ll be wearing them to handle edibles, on or off the grill.


    The least expensive BBQ gloves rarely are durable and don’t offer the best protection. But because the most expensive gloves might cost more than you’ve budgeted, shop for gloves that provide all of the features you need without compromising on quality or exceeding your budget.

    Thickness and Heat-Resistance

    A combination of heat-resistant materials and thickness work together to make BBQ gloves safe. Some gloves can handle only 400 degrees Fahrenheit, while others can handle up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Considering that grills can generate heat at temperatures as high as 500 degrees to 600 degrees, with commercial grills going higher, the gloves you choose must be capable of handling the type of heat you’ll be facing.

    Top 5 Best BBQ Gloves Reviews ​

    Key Features

    • FDA-approved neoprene rubber
    • Insulated, textured palm with non-slip five-finger design
    • Water and flame-resistant
    • Double-layer soft, cotton liner
    • Available in medium and extra-large sizes

    RAPPICA BBQ gloves might look plain and simple – and they have an affordable price tag – but don’t underestimate them. They are our top pick for the best BBQ gloves because of their suitability not only for grilling, but also for a wide variety of other cooking activities that require heat protection, including frying, baking, smoking meat, and more.

    You can get these gloves with either 14-inch or 18-inch cuffs, depending on the level of protection you need. Choosing an 18-inch glove is an excellent choice if you do a lot of barbecuing on open flames or need protection against hot grease or oil spatters.

    The waterproof material of these gloves also can protect you against hot-water accidents.

    For dexterity and comfort, RAPPICA BBQ gloves feature a non-slip five-finger design and textured palms, so you won’t have trouble handling various utensils, seasonings, and foods both on and off the grill. Even greasy containers or utensils and wet foods will have trouble slipping from your grasp.

    Extra comfort comes from the soft cotton liner and double layer in the glove that keep your fingers and hands comfy, cool, dry, and safe. The cool interior of the glove also minimizes sweaty palms.

    But what about cleaning? Well, these gloves get high scores for ease of cleaning, thanks to the neoprene coating that makes cleaning off chemical and grease stains a breeze.

    All told, there are simply far more reasons to choose these BBQ gloves for domestic or commercial use than there are downsides to them.



    Key Features

    • Jersey cotton liner
    • Made with flexible food-grade neoprene
    • 13-inch length
    • Textured palm

    If you want to spend as little as possible on BBQ gloves, without compromising on quality, Artisan Griller Insulated Gloves come highly recommended.

    For less than $25, you can get these gloves and all the safety and comfort they provide. They are 13 inches long, which provides sufficient insulation for your hands and arms against steam, fire, and other grilling dangers. The gloves also are waterproof to protect you against hot water or spills.

    Artisan Grillers are made with top-notch neoprene for durability and dependable protection, both when you are using and cleaning a hot grill. The synthetic rubber can withstand oils, chemicals, and more at high temperatures.

    Most important, Artisan Griller Insulated Gloves do not compromise on comfort and versatility. They provide a cool interior for your hands and textured, flexible exterior for gripping and optimal dexterity.

    Cleaning and maintenance also are a breeze because these gloves are quick-dry and stain-resistant. A bit of soap and water, and they’ll look as good as new!



    Key Features

    • Available in three sizes – one-size-fits-most, L/XL and XXL
    • ​Silicone body and inside
    • Textured grip
    • Can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
    • BPA-free and FDA food-grade-certified

    The first thing we like about the Ekogrips Gloves is their look. They have an attractive design in orange or grey, and they’re affordable but made from high-quality silicone.

    The silicone is thick for optimal heat protection. The gloves also are FDA-approved and free of bisphenol A (BPA) to ensure safety and no toxic materials. The non-porous silicone material also makes cleaning the gloves easy, ridding them of stains or odors.

    These gloves come in three sizes – one-size-fits-most, plus L/XL, and XXL. But no matter the size you get, an Ekogrips glove will go just slightly above your wrist. So, if you are working with a small grill and don’t intend on sticking your whole arm into flames anytime soon, these gloves provide adequate protection.

    The entire body of the glove is textured for a secure grip on or off the grill. The gloves also are waterproof and heat-resistant for added protection.

    On the downside, these gloves are not robust enough for handling burning wood or hot coals, but they will protect your skin when you’re working close to flames. The insides also can get sweaty and sticky rather quickly because they aren’t lined.



    Key Features

    • Made with M-ARAMID and P-ARAMID fabrics
    • Available in two sizes and four colors
    • Silicon, textured grip
    • Lightweight design

    The Grill Armor 932 is one of the best fabric gloves you can buy for safe barbecuing. You might think that a fabric glove is incapable of providing optimal heat protection, but the makers of Grill Armor are eager to prove you wrong.

    As the name implies, these gloves are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit! You might never have to grill at temperatures that high, but at least know for sure that you are protected at virtually any temperature you’ll encounter when grilling or baking.

    The gloves get their heat resistance from its M-ARAMID and P-ARAMID fabrics, which are as tough as Kevlar. But we don’t recommend holding on to hot objects for more than 25-30 seconds when you’re wearing them.

    The gloves protect up to your wrist, which makes them suitable for using a small grill but not ideal for barbecuing over a large, roaring flame.

    These gloves come in two sizes – one-size-fits-most and a small size that’s suitable for ladies with smaller hands. They also come in four attractive colors, including blue, black, red, and grey.

    For optimal grip, the Grill Armor 932 features a silicone super-grip surface on the palms and fingers. This grip renders the gloves non-slip and well-insulated without compromising on the breathability and comfort.

    With these gloves, you’ll also get optimal dexterity and flexibility, so you can handle small and large objects with ease when you’re grilling.

    One major complaint that many customers have about the Grill Armor is how easily the gloves get dirty. The fabric can easily stain and retain odors. Fortunately, the material also is machine washable.



    Key Features

    • Lightweight material
    • Made with Aramid fibers
    • Comfortable, 100 percent cotton lining
    • Can withstand temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Silicon strips on fingers and palm for a sturdy grip

    These gloves are very similar to the Grill Armor design above but cost $10 more.

    They can handle temperatures exceeding 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and their makers even claim that they can withstand small amounts of molten metal. But we don’t recommend testing that claim.

    These flexible gloves also are cold-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use during winter days and nights.

    Another great selling point of the Revolutionary 932F is durability and dexterity. Its Aramid fabric is flexible enough to give your hands full freedom of movement and optimal protection from heat and sharp edges. You won’t have any trouble gripping hot utensils and foods of all shapes and sizes.

    On the downside, the Revolutionary 932F gloves are not water-resistant and using them wet greatly reduces their heat protection.



    Final Verdict: Best BBQ Gloves For Your Money

    RAPICCA BBQ Gloves

    The more control you have over your grill, the better the results you can get from your barbecue. With the best BBQ gloves, you can keep your hands safe while you work the grill at high temperatures to create mouthwatering meals.

    Based on our experience, plus reviews from customers, RAPICCA BBQ Gloves offer the best value features. They are super-effective at protecting you against the heat and other hazards of working a grill.

    What’s more, they are super-durable and affordable.

    As long as you follow the instructions regarding using and maintaining the gloves, you can look forward to using them safely for years. Get yours today!

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