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    Last Updated on October 29, 2021

    Last Updated on October 29, 2021

    Traeger grills have a reputation for being high-performance cooking tools that provide restaurant quality BBQ. They have a reputation for being more expensive than other grill brands. In addition to the advanced technology and quality materials in each grill, Traeger is backed by a powerful marketing machine, helping to firmly cement their position at the top of the BBQ market.

    While there is no doubting you’ll be satisfied with a Traeger grill, an important consideration is value. Do these products warrant the high price, or are there other grills that offer the same performance for a lower price? This guide helps determine if Traeger grills are as good as their reputation suggests.

    Why Are Traeger Grills So Expensive?

    Before determining whether Traeger grills are worth the money, it’s important to establish why they demand such a high price. Depending on your grilling habits, you may or may not need a high-performance grill

    While heavy-duty, expensive outdoor grills are a priority for some, a basic and budget-friendly appliance is often enough for a casual BBQ cook


    Traeger develops its products with the latest in BBQ cooking technology. Newer Traeger grills models use WiFire technology that allows cooks to control the grill remotely using a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The Traeger app gives you complete control over your grill once connected. 

    The app also allows you to access cooking guides and recipes, helping you get maximum value from your grill. Traegers can even be integrated with smartwatches, enabling you to keep an eye on the temperature. 

    Traeger grills are also powered by the signature D2 Direct Drive drive-train. This is a variable speed fan and auger that’s connected to a brushless DC-powered motor. The D2 drive-train helps provide ample wood pellet smoke to create delicious hardwood flavors

    DC motors also give users more precise temperature control over AC motors. They also enable TurboTemp, a signature Traeger feature that allows the grill to be heated very quickly. 

    While they are expensive, brushless motors are durable, giving Traeger grills a longer lifespan. Frequent grill users will benefit most from such a high-quality product.

    Research and Development

    Traeger is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation. Advanced motors, Wi-Fi-enabled grills, and a comprehensive application result from investment in research and development. While this contributes to quality products, it drives up the price

    Traeger is frequently issued patents for new technologies. These patents vary across different aspects of grills, such as racking, leg designs, materials, and smart technology. 


    As one of the most popular grill brands on the market, Traeger markets extensively. According to their CEO, Jeremy Andrus, Traeger aims to dominate the global grilling industry. To achieve such a target, significant marketing investment is necessary.

    Aggressive marketing affects pricing in two main ways. Firstly, it is an expense that needs to be covered through sales. Secondly, it helps improve the Traeger reputation, which can, in turn, increase the price.

    Advantages of Using a Traeger Grill

    Traeger is leading the way in terms of innovation and technology in the grilling industry. While this doesn’t always positively impact grill performance, it seems to have paid off for Traeger. There are several benefits to using a Traeger over other regular grills. 

    Temperature Control

    Traeger grills are renowned for their precise temperature control. As well as having a well-positioned and accurate thermostat, Traegers are built using quality materials, such as cold-rolled steel and cast iron. This helps them to retain heat and contributes to consistent cooking. 

    Fuel Options

    Traeger builds grills suited to several different fuel types, including wood pellets, propane gas, and charcoal briquettes. Each of these options has its own advantages, meaning that fuel choice is totally up to the customer. 


    One of the main advantages of owning a Traeger grill is that it is built to last. The outside of each grill is solid, with a strong base and steel legs. It can stand up to year-round weather (a cover is advised when not in use). 

    The racking and cooking surfaces are made from non-stick cast iron and other durable materials, meaning they’re easy to maintain. The internal components are also high quality, maximizing the lifespan of a grill

    Most Traegers come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty if you experience an issue, and they offer customer service support.

    Ease of Use

    Despite the high level of technology and advanced settings, Traegers are easy to use. The controls are intuitive, and you’ll have no problem mastering your craft on one of their grills. The mobile app contributes further to usability.

    Types of Traeger Grills

    There are three main types of Traeger grills. 

    • Wood Pellets

    Perhaps the most famous and popular type of Traeger is the wood pellet grill. Wood pellets are a natural and clean-burning fuel that is developed purposefully to be used in grilling. They produce a beautiful smokey BBQ flavor. 

    • Propane Gas

    Propane gas BBQs have become very popular in recent years as they are clean, easy to use, and heat up very quickly. However, some complain that propane grills don’t produce a signature BBQ flavor. You can purchase a separate smoker box to impart an intense smoky flavor.

    • Charcoal Briquettes

    Charcoal briquettes are an ode to old-school grilling. They are made from wood byproducts and produce a natural, sweet, and smokey BBQ taste

    What to Look Out for in a Grill

    Although it can be easy to get caught up on key features, there are several other important factors to consider when purchasing a grill. 

    • Cost
    • Fuel type
    • Materials and quality of build
    • Size of the grill and cooking surface
    • Advanced features (e.g., smart technology-enabled, integrated thermometer)
    • Heat capabilities (e.g., maximum temperature, dual-zone grilling, and heating speed)
    • Durability
    • Warranty

    Are They Worth It?

    Traeger grills are worth the investment for many people. They are some of the most expensive products on the market, but they are premium grills that rarely fail to impress. Traegers offer precision temperature control, durability and are generally built using the latest in grilling technology. 

    These grills are developed for cooks and BBQ enthusiasts. They are premium products at a high price point, and as with many luxury goods, they don’t come cheap. If you are willing to pay a little bit extra, a Traeger may be your number one choice

    However, for others, Traegers may not be worth the money. If you grill occasionally and aren’t a BBQ enthusiast, you may not get as much value from such an expensive item.