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Earth Day

April 19, 2012

This week the world will be celebrating Earth Day, a day devoted to preserving our natural resources and celebrating the planet we live on. Over the past year, we have taken a good hard look at our company and how our operations affect the environment. In doing so, we were able to implement some awesome new initiatives to make your favorite neighborhood butcher more sustainable and better for the planet!



One of our largest accomplishments is that we have signed up for the EPA’s WasteWise Program and their Food Recovery Challenge! We will start tracking our waste and partner with the Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to be ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable practices. Our current changes will lead to a 12% decrease in our trash waste, well above the 5% yearly requirement from the EPA!


We are starting to examine composting at many of our corporate locations. Partnerships with local farms can be beneficial as they can be sources for great local products and be an outlet to divert our food waste away from trash sites.  At our Polar Grill Fest event in February, we were able to partner with EcoMovement Consulting & Hauling to compost and recycle all the waste from our event!

Check out this cool time-lapse video of our compost from the event. All the cups, plates and silverware were compostable and were turned into soil that was put back into seacoast New Hampshire farms and gardens.


What many companies don’t understand is that it is actually cheaper to recycle than to trash.  Knowing this and the fact that we want to be more sustainable, we recently implemented a recycling program at all corporate stores. We downsized our trash yardage and increased our recycling, leading to about a 7% savings per year in waste costs. To compliment these efforts, we are now recycling paper, glass and plastic at our corporate office as a way to further divert waste from the trash.  Also, we are recycling our compact fluorescent light bulbs through Waste Management as they contain mercury. Throwing them in the trash is a violation and multi-thousand dollar fine per citation (with good reason!). By recycling them we are EPA compliant and keeping mercury contained.


As you may know from shopping at our stores, we love to support local! In an effort to give back to the communities we reside in, we strive to carry as many local products as possible, and at a minimum offer 20-40% local products in all our stores. This reduces the energy used to transport goods to our stores, supports small companies within the community and increases the quality and diversity of our products.

By working with small, local farms and vendors we can support our communities and give customers piece of mind about knowing where their food comes from.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we’re giving $0.22 off on all Pineland Farm Natural Meats* for one day only (Earth Day) Sunday, April 22nd!

It’s the perfect way to save some dough and save the planet at the same time! Pineland Farms is an environmentally focused company, dedicated to preserving local farms and educating consumers on the importance of sustainable farming practices.

The definition of triple bottom line is prosperity in economic, social and environmental terms.  Being a business, our commitment to our economic strength is obvious. What currently sets us apart as a business is our commitment to support the communities in which we operate.  As the world continues to change and evolve, we will continue to push our business model to support environmental prosperity.

So the next time you’re at your local Meat House picking out your steak tips and potato salad, you can feel good knowing that we are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment.

Happy Earth Day!

*Offer valid at participating locations.


From Farm to Table: Pineland Farms

August 5, 2011

We are excited and proud to announce that we are now working with Pineland Farms Natural Meats in our New England and New York stores to bring high quality, family farm raised beef to your table.  When we first began our conversation with Pineland Farms we were invited to spend a day exploring their beautiful and expansive farm land in New Gloucester, Maine.  Being foodies and beef lovers ourselves, we jumped at the chance to encounter the actual source of our food and the people who grow it.

On the day of our trip our bags were full of sunscreen, cameras and bug spray and our minds were full of anticipation and excitement.   We made the long trip up to Maine to discover one of the lushest and most gorgeous places we had ever seen.

Every inch of this land was thriving with life; from the green pastures of grazing cattle, to the greenhouses of bursting tomatoes to the abundant marketplace with the buzz of families and friends sharing lunch.

Our first stop was at the hydroponic greenhouses where we found budding basil, tomato plants reaching for the sky, young heads of lettuce and fresh cucumbers peeking from behind their leaves.  The farmer told us that all the produce is grown without any use of pesticides or chemicals.

Our next stop on our visit was to the dairy barns where we met the cows that produce the milk that turns into Pineland farms cheeses.  These cows were gentle and welcoming, but each had their own personality and quirky names like Tosh.O.  The farmer informed us that the cows are able to roam free in the pastures all night, but during the day they are brought inside to feed, be milked and get out of the heat of the day.

These were very happy cows.  Next we were able to venture to the place that we were all waiting to see; one of the farms where the Pineland Farms Natural Beef is raised.  20 minutes and many bumpy back roads later, we arrived at a quiet and tranquil scene of rolling grassy hills, a quaint white farmhouse and freely roaming cattle.  Our guide explained that this is the standard for all 250 family farms that work with Pineland to ensure that the cattle are raised with dignity and integrity in a safe and humane habitat.

The beef is raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet without any animal by-products.  They are grass fed for most of their lives and then finished with grain for 150 days. Each farm uses sustainable farming practices to minimize environmental impact.  At this point of the tour, we were more than proud to have this company represented in our stores.

Our last stop of the day was at Pineland Farms Marketplace where we shopped through the vegetables that we had just seen growing, the cheeses that we saw being made in the creamery and other specialty and local products.  We left with bags full of gourmet goodies, smiles on our faces and ice cream cones in hand.

(Pineland Farms Marketplace)

At The Meat House, we pride ourselves in offering options to our consumers such as all natural, organic, and grass-fed meat making our partnership with Pineland Farms an easy decision to help bring these kinds of products into more of our stores.  We also strive to provide 20-30% local products in all our stores, so Pineland Farms is just one example of the many local farms that we work with to provide our customers with fresh and local products.  You can now find Pineland Farms Natural Meats in all of our New England and New York stores!

Do you support local and family farms?  You can now easily do so just by shopping at our stores!


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