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The best way to enjoy winter is to surround yourself with a lot of comfort foods, a nice fire, and your loved ones. Pies, slow cooked meats, and hearty soups often come to mind when we first think of comfort foods for the winter but don’t forget about those wonderful grilled steaks that we love to enjoy in the summer time.

Replicating that succulent charred flavor in the wintertime is a lot easier than it sounds and does not require that you step outside in the freezing cold! All you need is a good steak, a pan with a gas burner, and a few simple ingredients!


Ingredients needed:

  •      1lb porterhouse, rib-eye, and strip steak
  •      Peanut of Vegetable oil (Olive oil doesn’t work as a well)
  •      3 tbsp. of butter
  •      2 cloves of crushed garlic
  •      2 sprigs of fresh thyme
  1.  About 12 hours before you are going to cook the steak, rub some salt and black pepper on the steak and refrigerate the steak. You can even do this for a little as an hour before you cook but the longer you let the steak sit, the better. The salt allows the steak to remain moist during the cooking process.
  2.  About an hour before you’re ready to cook the steak, remove it from the fridge and let it sit out. This ensures that the temperature of the steak will be even and the center won’t be cold when you pan sear it.
  3.  Take your pan and let it heat over a high flame for five minutes. Coat your pan with oil and then sear each side of the steak for one. It may smoke a little, and the oil may splash, so be sure to use a splatter screen. Once you are done searing the steak, begin to flip it every 30 seconds to ensure a nice and even cook along with a nice crust.
  4.  For a medium rare steak, you’re going to want to cook it for around five minutes. Once it’s just about done, add the butter, thyme, and garlic. Tilt the pan and continue to scoop the butter on top of the steak.
  5. Once the steak is done, let it sit for 5 minutes. If you cut the steak to early, all the juices will leak it. Trust me, it’s worth it to wait the five minutes!

Combine this steak with some scalloped potatoes au gratin or creamed spinach for a wonderful and hearty winter dinner!

Holiday Ham Sun, 26 Mar 2017 03:24:38 +0000

The holidays aren’t complete with out a deliciously cooked holiday ham. Did you know that making a holiday ham is as easy as unwrapping that gift that you had desired so much as a young child? Well, it is!

You will need the following ingredients:


1 Whole Ham

1 Sliced Pineapple (canned or fresh), save juices

1 cup brown sugar

1 Cup of Cherries

½ TSP of Salt

½ Cup of Cloves

1 can of Ginger Ale

  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F and score the ham with ¼ inch cuts in a diamond pattern. This will allow the ham to soak up the juices from the pineapple
  2. Place the ham onto a roasting tray and arrange cloves into the center of each score around the ham.
  3. Drain juice from pineapple slices and mix it with brown sugar, salt, and can of ginger ale. Coat the ham with this marinade. Place cherries at the center of each pineapple slice and secure slices around the ham with toothpicks.
  4.  Bake in the over 4 to 5 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F. Make sure the meat thermometer is not touching the bone as it will change the temperature. Throughout the cooking process, be sure to squeeze juices onto ham frequently.

Be sure to pick up your holiday ham at The Meat House along with various side dishes and other mouth-watering food to enhance your holiday meal!

Kickoff Football Season with a Viewing Party! Tue, 07 Feb 2017 01:46:24 +0000

Football season kicked off in early september and as of just yesterday fall has now officially arrived!  As we bid adieu to summer, its time to welcome the fall with open arms.  The changing of the seasons means changing up our social activities, our wardrobe, and changing up our menus.  Let’s take this opportunity to welcome back some of our favorite fall time football foods and beers!

Nothing says game day like some delicious finger foods. Here are a couple of ideas to ensure that your game day is full of delicious foods that will help you get the most out of watching your team march on towards victory. Game day afternoons are the perfect time to try out a variety of different finger foods that everyone will enjoy

Buffalo Wings

Nothing pairs better with football afternoons than some delicious wings. They can be spicy or they can be mild. They can be grilled or they can be fried. But for the quickest and easiest way, you should bake your wings. They’re so easy to make too. All you need are some chicken wings and legs and a nice sauce.  Try our famous marinade sauces for finger lickin good to the last drop wings.

Artisan Cheese

Cheese is a nice way to add a little bit of variety and flavor to your game day dining selection. Stop in to the meat house and pick out a vast variety of cheeses that pair well with crackers and fruit for bite sized snacks.

Craft Beer

It’s always a good idea to stock up on craft beers for your Saturday and Sunday afternoon football viewings. The colder weather is the perfect reason to switch from your favorite summertime pale ales to the deeper darker ales of autumn.   Some of our favorites at The Meat House are Stouts and Porters.  Stop by The Meatbeer House and pick out a beer for your Sunday afternoon from our large selection of craft beers for you and friends to enjoy.

Remember, whether you’re throwing an epic tailgate or viewing party or casually watching with family and friends we’ve got you covered from sandwich platters to salsa and guac and everything in between.  Come on down and see us and we’ll get you ready to cheer on your team.

Recipe: Savory Surf to Pair with Your Turf Wed, 11 Jan 2017 09:11:43 +0000

We are already into September and summer is starting to slip away, so at The Meat House we are trying to really enjoy these last few bites of summer before Fall rolls around.  This week on the blog and in-store we are putting an emphasis on seafood.  Nothing tastes quite as summery as a perfectly prepared FRESH piece of fish. The beauty of a quality piece of seafood, like our lobster tails, is that it doesn’t take much effort at all to whip up a succulent meal.  In fact, we say the simpler, the better!

Take advantage of these fresh summer flavors while you still can, here’s how:

The Perfect Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce- the perfect accent to any grilled or baked piece of fish or shellfish.  We recommend pairing with prime filet mignon or ribeye for a delicious Surf & Turf dish.

You will need:

1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, melted The better the butter the bigger the flavor.

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (or lime if you feel like adding a twist to a classic)Butter

2 pinches of sea salt

1 pinch of black pepper

1 large garlic clove, chopped

  1. Add the garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper into a food processor or blender.
  2. Purée until smooth.
  3. At the same time, get the butter ready by melting in the microwave until liquified.
  4. With the motor still running, slowly add melted butter and blend until emulsified.

Add this delicious sauce to any piece of grilled fish and savor the summer.

A Meat House reminder about grilling seafood:


Recipe: The Best BBQ Brisket You Will Ever Make Thu, 29 Dec 2016 01:24:24 +0000


  • One Certified Angus Beef Brisket (10-12lbs) You can get smaller ones and we can cut them down to size for you
  • Meat House Cattleman Ranch Seasoning
  • Bills Best Organic BBQ Sauce
  • Allagash Black Stout 22oz
  • Smoking Wood Chips of your choice.(We recommend Mesquite or Hickory)


Take the Brisket out of the packaging and place on a cookie sheet.

Generously rub the brisket with Meat House Cattleman Ranch Seasoning.

Cover with tin foil.

You can leave it out of the fridge for about an hour before cooking or you can store it in the fridge over night.

*Now depending on what youre working with you can do this one of two ways.  It is important to pay attention to the directions below because there are subtle cooking differences that are important!

On the Smoker:

IndaSmoker2Get the smoker to about 275-300 degrees. Place the Seasoned brisket fat side down and smoke for 3 hours.

After 3 hours flip the brisket so the fat side is up.

In a small bowl combine one bottle of Bill’s Best Organic BBQ Sauce and a third of the Allagash Black Stout. Mix the BBQ Sauce and Beer Well.

Generously apply the BBQ Sauce mixture to the fat side of the brisket as needed and continue to smoke for 3 hours.

After 6 Hours of smoking take off the grill.

On the Grill:

Turn on only one burner on you grill. Either your back burner or one side burner depending on your grill.(Grill should be hqdefaultbetween 275-300 degrees)

You  want to grill the brisket on indirect heat. Place the brisket on the grill, Fat side up, where the burners are not lit.

Place the pre-soaked wood chips on direct heat using either a wood box or homemade woodbox with tin foil. (With heavy duty aluminum foil make a boat like structure and put the pre-soaked wood chips in that.)

Refill the wood chips as needed throughout the cooking process.

Grill the brisket for 3 hours

In a small bowl combine Bill’s Best Organic BBQ Sauce and a third of the Allagash Black stout. After 3 hours start applying the BBQ Sauce mixture

generously over the next 3 hours of cooking.

Cook for a total of 6 hours.

By the time you’re done cooking low and slow you will have a brisket that will be fork tender- the marker of excellent BBQ.  Slice and Serve with Meat House Coleslaw and Jersey Corn on the Cob!

This beauty of this recipe is that it also makes great BBQ brisket sandwiches- just pile some on our fresh made Kaiser rolls and you’re ready to serve!

Recipe:Make It Mesquite Tonight! Sat, 05 Nov 2016 05:05:00 +0000

The Perfect Mesquite and Beer Pork Baby Back Ribs:

In The Oven and Then Grilled:

Rub the baby back ribs with Meat House Mesquite BBQ Seasoning.

Pre heat Oven to 250 degrees

On a Baking Sheet, Bone Side Down, Bake the Ribs for 2.5  Hours

Pick out any Lager or IPA, we recommend Stones Ruination IPA or Brooklyn Brewery Lager

Combine One Beer and 16oz of Pineapple Juice or Apple Cider

In a heavy duty Tin Foil Tent, use two sheets of tin foil. Combine the ribs and the beer and juice mix.

Cover it to make sure no juices leak out.

On a preheated grill at 300 degrees, put the ribs in the tinfoil on the grill bone side down.

Continue to cook for 45min

open up tin foil and apply Meat House BBQ Awesomesauce generously to the top of the ribs and cook until the bbq sauce

is carmelized. (Roughly 15 min)

Let cool and serve.

Pick up The Meat House Bacon, Beer*, Macaroni & Cheese, and our baked beans
to serve with it!

* Alcohol may not available at all Meat House store locations. Check with your local store.

Summertime and the Livins Easy Sun, 02 Oct 2016 10:59:50 +0000

At least they say it is supposed to be.  Here are a few quick ways to ensure that your backyard grilling is just that-EASY.


Easy to make and even easier to grill, kabobs are always the perfect choice for a grilled meal.  Simply fire up the grill and load up the kabobs and you’re on your way to perfect summer meal. With Meat and Vegetable kabobs you can prepare the whole meal in minutes just using the grill.  We’ll make it even easier for you with our grill-ready in-store premium kabobs! Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.17.23 PM

Steak Tips

Enjoy all the flavor of a delicious sirloin steak in a matter of mere minutes by grilling up some delicious steak tips, cut from the upper part of the sirloin.  The Meat House can help you serve up steak tips full of flavor with our in-house marinated selections that are seasoned to mouth-watering perfection in our famous marinades! steak tips

It is always a good idea to have some versatile recipes in your arsenal.  Here is a fool-proof, multi-purpose, and delicious skirt steak recipe that we are sure you will keep coming back to.

Ingredients- The Essentials

  • 1 1/2 pound skirt steak
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • High quality olive oil

Prep- Keep it simple and delicious

Take your  skirt steak and season with olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste.  Then, simply grill over medium-high heat until medium-rare, about 4 minutes per side or see our grilling guide here.   Remember these two quick tips for perfect skirt steak before you serve:

  1. Let it rest- if you don’t you will lose all that juicy flavor by cutting it too quickly.  This is a general rule to keep in mind when cooking any steak.
  2. Thinly slice against the grain for the perfect bite.

skirt steakSkirt steaks are great because you can do so much with them with so little time.  Simply serve with some grilled vegetables, strip for steak tacos, use in a stroganoff, or serve on a baguette for a home-run steak sandwich.   The possibilities are endless and we are always here to help at The Meat House.  Need an idea? Come on in and see your local butcher!

You Bring the People, We’ll Bring the Food Sun, 18 Sep 2016 00:06:37 +0000

As the school year comes to an end (finally) it is an exciting time for many families, especially those with high school seniors.  Graduating high school and moving on to the next phase in life is a major step towards adulthood, so of course it makes sense to celebrate these accomplishments.  What better way to do

a7ca5830ce471be7a761b670ef7459c8 that than with a party in their honor? It’s also a great reason to gather friends and family alike at the height of summer.

You may be thinking that while these kinds of parties are fun they are also a lot of hard work.  Well, we’re here to tell you they don’t have to be.  There is one way to ensure a stress-free day- and that is letting us do the cooking for you (hey, it’s what we do). You bring the people, well bring the food and the staff to cook and serve.

The Meat House offers an extensive menu of catered foods that are perfect for this type of party.  Remember a few things that are important when deciding what delicious goodies youll be dishing out to your graduation party guests- one is convenience and the other is variety.  With salads, sandwiches, platters, sides, desserts, and more we can cater the perfect graduation party for you.

Let The Meat House help you make sure your party is a stress-free one. For more information about catering your party (graduation or otherwise) call your local store front.

Memorial Day Weekend Fri, 20 May 2016 03:28:59 +0000 download
Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, and I know most of us have plans for how we are going to celebrate this first taste of summer.  It is the perfect time to spend entertaining friends and family or simply relaxing with good company while enjoying the outdoors.  We fully intend to fire up the grill and treat ourselves and our guests to some great home-cooking and summer BBQ favorites.

This will always be part of what Memorial Day Weekend is about- spending quality time with quality people and enjoying the weekend.  It is important to remember that this only PART of what the weekend is about.

The other part, of course, is about paying homage to those who have put their lives on the line so we could enjoy these simple freedoms.  Currently, we have about 1,473,900 men and women on active duty, serving to protect us every day. So while we wish you have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend (and we can always ensure that at The Meat House) we also hope that you take a moment this weekend to remember our country’s fallen heroes and the men and women who currently serve to keep us safe.

As a way of showing our appreciation The Meat House is offering a special in store discount to Military Personnel at participating locations.

Celebrate Cinco with Us Thu, 05 May 2016 04:17:42 +0000 Today is Cinco de Mayo and your local bars and taquerias are sure to be packed at capacity with revelers enjoying their favorite Mexican fares and imbibing, perhaps too much, tequila.

A brief history lesson for those who don’t know what it is exactly that we are celebrating in the first place:

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla, an historic Mexican military victory. We know Spanish conquisatdores invaded Mexico in the 16th century, and Spanish remains the official language of Mexico today. So, the holiday must celebrate a Mexican victory over Spain, right? Wrong! It was a Mexican victory against France. Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1810. The Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862, during the so-called French Intervention in Mexico. Forces led by Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated a larger and better-equipped French force in the city of Puebla, about 68 east of Mexico City. [1]

HealthyKidsMealsChickenFajitasIf you want to skip the lines and anticipated antics and instead celebrate with home-cooked dishes, sports, and margaritas we don’t blame you.  The Meat House has you covered with all you will need to throw your own little fiesta in the comfort of your home.  We’re getting you ready to celebrate with Chicken Fajita Mix made with a delicious Marinated Chicken and Steak Fajita Mix with our classic Steak Tips- yum.  Top these off with our fresh Salsa and Guacamole made in house.  Let us spice up your weekend with the flavors of The Meat House.

Fajitas for the Family- Makes enough for about 10 Fajitas

  • 1 lbThe Meat House marinated chicken and/or steak tips
  • 10 flour tortillas(8 inch)
  • garlic clove, minced
  • onion to your liking, but remember they have a tendency to cook down, we recommend using 1 or 2 depending on their size
  • 2 Bell peppers- again your choice! (green, yellow, or red)
  1. Wrap tortillas in foil and place in 350° oven for 5-10 minutes or until heated through.
  2. Cut onions in half lengthwise and slice into strips.
  3. Repeat step 2 with peppers.
  4. In large non stick skillet over medium high heat, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. Add onions & peppers stirring for 3-4 minutes, until softened; transfer to a bowl and set aside.
  6. Return onions and peppers to skillet; stir for about one minute.
  7. To serve, spoon a serving of chicken or steak in the middle of each tortilla, top with guacamole, salsa, sour cream and other topping you might enjoy. Fold bottom of tortilla up over filling; fold the sides in, overlapping.

And as always- whether you’re in the mood to cook or in the mood for a home-cooked meal come see us at The Meat House, either way we will always have you covered!