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You Bring the People, We’ll Bring the Food

As the school year comes to an end (finally) it is an exciting time for many families, especially those with high school seniors.  Graduating high school and moving on to the next phase in life […]

Sep, 18

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, and I know most of us have plans for how we are going to celebrate this first taste of summer.  It is the perfect time to spend […]

May, 20

Celebrate Cinco with Us

Today is Cinco de Mayo and your local bars and taquerias are sure to be packed at capacity with revelers enjoying their favorite Mexican fares and imbibing, perhaps too much, tequila. A brief history lesson […]

May, 05

Valentines Day Recipe: Lovers Steak

  Rows of stuffed bears line your pharmacy’s gift aisle.  Reese’s® cups come in the shape of hearts and your favorite candy is wrapped in hues of reds and pinks. While there are thousands of […]

Feb, 11

National Snack Food Month

When we hear “snack”, visions of orange Cheez-Its® and perfectly sandwiched Oreo’s® dance in our head. Whatever your snack of choice, it’s a part of our day to day routines that most of us can’t […]

Feb, 06

Pork Tenderloin

How are your resolutions going so far? With the first week of the New Year behind us, we begin reflecting on the goals we set. Whether it’s to lose those extra Holiday pounds or take […]

Jan, 10

The Perfect Gift for Dad

Father’s Day was founded over 100 years ago in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father, a Civil War veteran, was a single parent of six children and Dodd wanted to create a holiday […]

Jun, 13


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