How Do YOU Like Your Steak?

May 23, 2011

Hello Meat House lovers!

Last week we started a conversation with our Facebook fans about how they like their steak cooked.

There was a great response to this question because most people know how they like their steak, and some people are just plain insistent on it!

Some said “RARE! RARE! RARE!,”  or “Still Moooooing” while an overwhelming amount of you stuck with the tried-and- true, medium rare.

21 out of the 30 people who responded said medium rare and 9 out of 30 said rare. That’s 70% medium rare and 30% rare, if we did our math correctly.

However, according to a recent study by The Praxi Group, 49% of consumers prefer their steaks medium rare to medium and 45% prefer their steaks medium well to well done

Apparently, Meat House steaks are just SO good, you could almost eat them raw! Just kidding, but according to our Facebook followers our steaks are truly “amazing beef, folks”!

If you are wondering how to cook your steak with the perfect amount of pink, The Meat House happens to have a handy chart that shows the exact temperature and description of what the steak will look like when it reaches your desired state of  doneness.

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite way to cook your steak (rare, medium, well-done or MOOooing)! Happy grilling!


  1. medium-rare…. YUM!

  2. Walk it by the fire

  3. TMH steaks are the best I have ever grilled! I like the strip, porterhouse/tbone rare and the filet between rare and med. rare with a char.

    • Thank you so much! What a complement.

  4. I like my steak rare to medium rare. But it has to be cooked on the grill. You can’t cook a steak in the house.

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